Books – The portal to another world

If there’s one thing we can never be bored of its books. They are the ultimate relief from sadness or boredom.  It’s a fact that book can never make you feel lonely.  Learning in the fun way, that can be the definition of a book. . Whether you like horror or classics, comedy or drama books got you covered.

The reason books are called a portal to another world is because while reading a book the reader has an image in his mind regarding what they read . This makes the readers imagination run wild . It helps them understand the concept better

These pages enrich one’s knowledge and gives them enjoyment at the same time. We now know that even books are being replaced by technology. We now have tablet books and audible books. They of course are wonderful things to have or hear but nothing is better than holding your favorite book in your hand, feelings its pages, and being a part of the story itself. “One can lose themselves in books, but find themselves in it too” .

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