Goldilocks and the Three Bears

(Goldilocks’ point of view)

Hello everybody! I am Goldilocks, the girl who ate up the little bear’s delicious porridge, sat in the baby bear’s comfortable chair and slept in the baby’s bear’s cosy bed. People say I am a little crazy, but when I ask them why, they just giggle and don’t say anything. I feel so frustrated. Well, enough about me! I’ll now tell you why I’m here. I am here to tell you my point of view of the tale of Goldilocks and The Three Bears, which took place when I was 12 years of age (Just for your information, I am 18 now).

One day, I was just taking a stroll through the forest and found a cottage. I looked through the window and went inside (I did not have the best manners back then ). Surprisingly enough, the door was unlocked . However, I

didn’t know that it belonged to a family of bears.

So, the first thing I noticed were three bowls of piping hot porridge. I was famished! So, I decided to eat the porridge (as I said, I did not have the best manners back then ). So, I took a spoonful of the biggest bowl. As soon as I took it, I screamed, “This porridge is as hot as lava!” Then, I took a spoonful of the second bowl. As soon as it went into my mouth, I groaned, “This porridge is as cold as ice!” Then, very bravely, not sure what the temperature of the contents of the third bowl was, I took a bit of the porridge. As soon as it touched my tongue, I went “Mmmmmmmmm. This porridge isn’t good, it’s GREAT. In fact, it’s just right.” And I gobbled up every last bit of it. But later, I realised, the porridge

was not enough to satisfy my appetite.

Well, after eating the porridge, I became curious about the rest of the cottage. So, I wandered into the living room. I saw three chairs. I sat on the first one. It was as hard as wood. I quickly got off it, moaning. I sat on the second chair. I stood up, squirming. I didn’t like surfaces that were too soft! Then, courageously (and a little irritated), I sat on the third chair. It was soooo comfortable. But all that happiness ended soon, when the chair went CRACK!

I didn’t have the energy to fix the broken chair. So, I went upstairs in search of a bed. I plopped on the first bed I saw. As soon I was in the bed, I

complained, “No, no, no, this bed is as hard as granite.” When I plopped onto the second bed, I screamed, “Help! I’m sinking!” After a struggle, I finally climbed out of the middle of the mattress. “This bed is as soft as a giant, girl-eating cotton ball,” I said, grumbling. When I plopped onto the third bed, I smiled, closed my eyes, and whispered, “This bed is so comfy and cosy….” And I dozed off….

I slept for quite some time. I was really surprised at the sight when I woke up. Three angry bears! I pushed them and ran for my life. I kept running for quite some time, until I was sure that I had lost them.

I never saw those bears or their cottage again. But I still daydream about the delicious bowl of porridge, that perfect little chair and that comfy, cosy bed. They were really just right.


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