Draco’s Diary (Part 2)

7th July 1996: 

It’s the day. The day I will be branded with the Dark Mark. I quickly dress up and head to the dining room. Our house-elf bows deeply and says, “Breakfast shall be served in 5 minutes, Master.” And sure enough, in 5 minutes, I was being served bacon, kippers, eggs and toast. But my mouth was so dry, it’s like eating a carpet. Aunt Bellatrix enters the kitchen and I can see the happiness in every inch of her face. “I am delighted for you, Draco!” 

    “Thank you, Aunt.” I say, with a brave attempt at a smile.

Finished with my breakfast, I now head for the gardens to get some fresh air. I see the Dark Lord coming. I wait till he can see me and then I bow to him. 

    “Ah, hello, Draco. Are you ready?”

    “Yes, I am, my Lord.”

We walk to the living room he used yesterday. He says, “Sit down, Draco, sit down.” He then says a spell, “Tenebris marcam!” (A/N: The spell is created by me, so don’t bother searching it on Google.) The wretched skull and snake was slowly forming on my skin. And there it was, complete, that ugly tattoo I will be carrying for the rest of my life. 

Mother and Aunt were standing outside. “It’s done. I have been branded with the Dark Mark.” I said in a hollow voice. Aunt hugged me tightly. Mother gave me a watery smile. 

And I went to the large garden, enjoying the fresh air for the rest of the day, while I could.

8th July 1996:

Today, as I sat down on my seat at the dining table for breakfast, Mother came and said, “Draco, you are to meet the Dark Lord today for discussing a mission you have to do.” Seeing the frightened expression on my face, she comforts me and says, “Don’t worry, I’ll be there, right beside you.” 

At finishing my breakfast, I headed to the living room the Dark Lord uses for meetings. I slightly shiver as soon as I see him. “Ah, good morning, Draco.” 

“Good morning, my Lord.”

“Today, I will be giving you a task which I am relying on you to do.”

“What is the mission, my Lord?”

“Kill Albus Dumbledore.”

    As I hear these words, it seemed like someone threw a stone down my stomach. I reply in what I hope was a steady voice. “I am honoured, my Lord.”

“I am pleased with your devotion, Draco.”

He gestures for me to leave. I bow and head out and I walk this time. It starts to sink in. I have to kill Albus Dumbledore, the greatest Headmaster of Hogwarts and the only person The Dark Lord is scared of. 

I automatically go to my room and find Mother there. I start to cry. She holds me until I stop weeping. “Why?! Why did I have to be in this mess?! Why?!” I lament. She says, “It’s not only you who is in a mess. Your father is in a mess too. You have to save him. Save us.”

She goes to her chambers to talk with Aunt Bellatrix.

I know this is vengeance for Father’s failure. I just know. The Dark Lord excepts me to fail. But I won’t. I will find a solution.

I spend hours and hours thinking of how I can do it. During that time, I realized that I will need backup. In those hours I think of many things by which the Death Eaters can come into castle, including Apparition but I remember there are Anti-Apparition charms all around the place. Finally, I hit the answer. The pair of the Vanishing Cabinets. One is at Hogwarts in the Room of Requirement and the other at Borgin and Burkes. I heard Father mentioning it once. But the Hogwarts one is broken.

I went to Mother and ask her, “When are we going to Diagon Alley?”

She responds, “When your O.W.L. results come, so in about a week or two.”



5 thoughts on “Draco’s Diary (Part 2)”

  1. Dear Snigdha
    Firstly Congratulations for braving into Draco Malfoy’s character and sharing his perspective. I was not a harry potter fan but after reading this I am intrigued! Great start and a long way to go dear!

    Liked by 1 person

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