Fire within me

Fire within me is the thing that burns  me

Fire within me gets more stronger every time I see

But it’s not too strong to burn me

Diya Sharma

Shikshantar school , Gurgaon

Self composed


Father’s day

Cupcakes, balloons, gifts and parties were the ingredients to make a perfect father’s day. The joy on his face was all I needed to see for a perfect day ahead. By what I know whatever I gave to my father he would love it. He didn’t like it because it was made from scented markers or from golden and red glitter, he liked it because it was made by his darling child and that’s all he ever wanted. We celebrate this day to honor our dads and for everything they do for us. From the day when Sonora Smart Dodd dedicated this day to her father who was an army general who lived with his 6 kids, this day became a part of everyone’s annual calendar. At the end of the day, without a fathers continuous support , love and care we would not be able to move forward. Whoever in this world has a father is blessed .  

Written by – Kaashvi Datta

Age – 12

Self composed