Weekend special!

What’s the best way to spend your weekend during a pandemic?

Here are a few tips I would love to share.

1 – Spend some quality time with your family

Weekends are the best time to have a good time with your family. During the weekdays each family member has school/house or office work. Now is the best time to watch a movie together, or go for a small walk in the nearby park or field etc.

2 – Get a technology break

Technology is the only way to do something during covid. Online classes, Online meetings etc. This weekend take a break and relax. Read a book, enjoy with your pet (if you have one) or maybe do some art.

3- Exercise

Doing exercise keeps you mentally and physically healthy (keeping both of these things healthy is important in a situation like this). It’s not important for a heavy workout. Some breathing exercise in the morning and a jog in the evening is good enough.

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Proofread by Snigdha Tiwari


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