Michelangelo- Who he was and facts about his famous sculptures

Michelangelo Buonarroti was a painter, sculptor, architect and poet widely considered one of the most brilliant artist. Some of Michelangelo’s works are among the most famous that have ever been made. They include two very famous marble statues, the Pieta and David . His most famous paintings are huge frescos, the Sistine Chapel Ceiling (The Sistine Chapel is a large chapel in the Vatican Palace, the place in Italy where the Pope lives.) and the Last Judgement. His most famous work of architecture is the east end and dome of Saint Peter’s Basilica. His nickname – Il divino, the divine one – was  given to him because of his exceptional gifts as a painter, sculptor, architect and engineer.

 Something you may not have known about David- The block of marble that Michelangelo used to carve David had been worked on 50 years ago by Donatello. At the time the marble was said to have some fault and the project was abandoned.

Something you may have not known about his sculpture Pieta- The Pieta is the only sculpture which has the artists name. Some even say it is signed twice. One signature is on the woman’s dress border above the waist and the other is the letter “M” on the woman’s palm. The M may stand for Michelangelo or Mary(The woman in the statue) or both.

Written by Kaashvi Datta



Mona Lisa- Who she really was

Leonardo da Vinci was an artist and engineer who is best known for his painting the Mona Lisa . The Thing is that Mona Lisa Was not the name of a woman .  So who was the woman in the painting?

Some believe it was his mother while others believe it was the princess Isabella of Naples. But the answer came out a 500 hundred year old note which was found by a German archaeologist. The note was written by Da Vinci’s friend and it  had a line in it which said that the artist was working on a painting on Lisa del Giocondo.

Who was Lisa del Giocondo?

Lisa del Giocondo was an Italian noblewoman and member of the family of Florence and Tuscany . It is said that Lisa’s Husband asked Da Vinci to make a portrait of her. Once the portrait was made due to  the death of Lisa and her husband because of the plague Da Vinci was not able to give the portrait to Lisa’s husband. After a long time the Painting was bought by the king of France


The different categories of art

We express our thoughts, ideas and suggestions through different categories of art. Do you know what those categories are?

There are  literature (including poetry, drama, story, and so on), the visual arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.), the graphic arts (painting, drawing, design, and other forms expressed on flat surfaces), the plastic arts (sculpture, modelling), the decorative arts (furniture design, mosaic, etc.), the performing arts (theatre, dance, music), music (as composition), and architecture (often including interior design).

Today we will talk about visual, graphic and performing arts

Visual art- The visual arts are those creations that we can see rather than something like the auditory arts, which we hear. The visual arts include mediums such as sculpture, architecture, photography, film, and printmaking. These forms of art give us a visual experience of what the painter/director/sculpture is thinking in their mind.

Graphic- Graphic art is a lot like visual arts except in graphic arts we use a 2D or flat surface as base. Painting, drawing or even brush art is an example of graphic art as they all our made on flat surfaces.

Performing arts- Performing art is the most interesting mode of art as in performing art we convey our emotions through physical movement and speech. Dance, theatre, opera, music, magic, circus performances and puppetry are all considered types of performing arts.

Written by – Kaashvi Datta and Vidhushi Somani

Both are ages 12


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The art of photography

A painter can sit down, and picture in mind what he/she wants to paint. The painter can choose whatever colours and materials to make what is in their mind.

In photography, we have to take what it is according to environment or subject. Without the right thing, the right background, light, or colour — a photographer can’t take the images.

May it be something totally unique/different or maybe just a shot from everyday life photography needs hard work , dedication and in some cases even patience.

From abstract to adventure, wildlife to cityscape photography covers it all. As everything a photographer does photography is accepted as yet another universal language, showing different people, cultures, animal life and more

Written by Kaashvi Datta

Age – 12

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Reviews of books I’ve read in the previous week

Animal Farm

Author: George Orwell

Recommended for: Ages 11 and above

Animal Farm begins with a pig named Major, who is from a farm where all the animals are ill-treated, giving a moving speech about removing the humans from the system, about a dream about a utopian land where everyone is equal to his fellow animals. After his death, the animals rebel and the humans are ousted from Manor Farm. The pigs, who are the cleverest, take charge and make The Seven Commandants which highlight the fact that humans are evil and only think for themselves. Read how their fantasy about running a farm on the basis of equality crumble right before their eyes. The rebellion gives way to corrupt practices which lead to consequences which never crossed anyone’s mind.


Cover of Animal Farm

Painters, Potters, Cooks and Kings

Author: Subhadra Sen Gupta

Recommended for: Ages 7 and above

This book has stories set in Ancient India, the reign in Vijaynagar, in Mughal India and British India.
The tales from Ancient India are from Emperor Ashok’s rule and the rule in Kanchipuram.
In the stories from Vijaynagar, three children solve an exciting mystery and in the other tale a boy named Keshava and his friend Bhaskara attempt to mark Keshava’s father name on a statue he has made.
In the stories from Mughal India, read about a boy from Emperor Akbar’s reign who is an aspiring artist but his father does not approve of his interest as he is a Rajput and spend a day with Sakina Bano, who is a maidservant to Princess Jahanara, the head of the harem.
And finally, in British India, spend some time with Bilal, assistant of his father, who is a khansama in the Montgomery household and go to 1926 with Durba and Durjoy.

Cover of Painters, Potters, Cooks and Kings


The Diary of a Young Girl

Author: Anne Frank

The Diary Of A Young Girl begins on Anne’s 13th birthday (12 June 1942) when she gets a diary. It records her feelings, clashes with her parents and annoyance and happiness. They escape to Amsterdam where they go into hiding with other Jews. The diary ends suddenly on 1 August 1944 when the Nazis find the Franks and Van Daans who hide along with them.



Draco’s Diary (Part 7)

21st December 1996:

I accidentally gatecrashed into Slughorn’s stupid Christmas party today. I was trying to be subtle and go to the Room but the idiotic caretaker, Filch, caught me. The idiot grabbed me by the ear. “Ouch!” I howled. But he ignored me. He looked so happy catching me out of bed. 

            When we reached Slughorn, my eyes widened. It was extravagantly decorated. It was so large. He’d probably used an Undetectable Extension Charm. There was crimson and green everywhere.

           I saw Eldred Worple, the author of Blood Brothers: My Life Amongst the Vampires. It was an amazing book. And when I looked closely, he had a vampire with him! Why has he got a vampire here?! He’s a danger to everyone in this party, I thought. Slughorn himself was somewhere speaking to someone in his ear-splitting booming voice.

           Who else was he talking to but Potter! And Snape was with him. Goodness, Snape. He’s been trying to interfere in my plans the whole time. It’s such a pain. So I’d stolen the Polyjuice Potion from Slughorn and got Crabbe and Goyle to change into girls and guard the Room while I was working.

           Back to the party, Filch wheezed, “Professor Slughorn, I discovered this boy lurking in an upstairs corridor. He claims to have been invited to your party and to have been delayed in setting out. Did you issue him with an invitation?”

           I pulled myself free of Filch’s grip.

           “All right, I wasn’t invited!” I said angrily. “I was trying to gatecrash, happy?”

           “No, I’m not!” said Filch, a statement at complete odds with the glee on his face. “You’re in trouble, you are! Didn’t the Headmaster say that night-time prowling’s out, unless you’ve got permission, didn’t he, eh?”

           “That’s all right, Argus, that’s all right,” said Slughorn, waving a hand. “It’s Christmas, and it’s not a crime to want to come to a party. Just this once, we’ll forget any punishment; you may stay, Draco.”

           I was frustrated and unhappy but was careful not to show it. I had to get to the Room of Requirement.

           Filch shuffled away, muttering under his breath. I composed my face into a smile and began thanking Slughorn for his generosity and started sucking up to him.

           “It’s nothing, nothing,’ said Slughorn, waving away my thanks. “I did know your grandfather, after all …”

           “He always spoke very highly of you, sir,” I said quickly. “Said you were the best potion-maker he’d ever known …”

           Suddenly, Snape said, “I’d like to have a word with you, Draco.”

           “Oh, now, Severus,” said Slughorn, hiccoughing again, “it’s Christmas, don’t be too hard —”

           “I’m his Head of House, and I shall decide how hard, or otherwise, to be,” said Snape curtly. “Follow me, Draco.”

           He led me down a corridor.

           “Why’ve you got me here?” I asked him rudely.

           Ignoring my question he said “What did you do to the Bell girl? You cannot afford mistakes, Draco, because if you’re expelled —”

           “I didn’t have anything to do with it, all right?”

           “I hope you are telling the truth, because it was both clumsy and foolish. Already you are suspected of having a hand in it.”

           “Who suspects me?” I said angrily. “For the last time, I didn’t do it, OK? That Bell girl must’ve had an enemy no one knows about — don’t look at me like that! I know what you’re doing, I’m not stupid, but it won’t work — I can stop you!”

           There was a pause. I felt Snape trying to sift through my brain. I quickly used Occlumency. I’d never felt more grateful to Aunt Bellatrix for teaching me it.

           “Ah … Aunt Bellatrix has been teaching you Occlumency, I see. What thoughts are you trying to conceal from your master, Draco?”

           “I’m not trying to conceal anything from him, I just don’t want you butting in!”

           “So that is why you have been avoiding me this term? You have feared my interference? You realise that, had anybody else failed to come to my office when I had told them repeatedly to be there, Draco —”

           “So put me in detention! Report me to Dumbledore!” I jeered.

           There was another pause. Then Snape said, “You know perfectly well that I do not wish to do either of those things.”

           “You’d better stop telling me to come to your office, then!”

           “Listen to me,” said Snape, his voice very low. “I am trying to help you. I swore to your mother I would protect you. I made the Unbreakable Vow, Draco —”

           “Looks like you’ll have to break it, then, because I don’t need your protection! It’s my job, he gave it to me and I’m doing it. I’ve got a plan and it’s going to work, it’s just taking a bit longer than I thought it would!”

           “What is your plan?”

           “It’s none of your business!”

           “If you tell me what you are trying to do, I can assist you —”

           “I’ve got all the assistance I need, thanks, I’m not alone!”

           “You were certainly alone tonight, which was foolish in the extreme, wandering the corridors without lookouts or backup. These are elementary mistakes –”

           “I would’ve had Crabbe and Goyle with me if you hadn’t put them in detention!”

           “Keep your voice down!” spat Snape, for my voice had risen. “If your friends Crabbe and Goyle intend to pass their Defence Against the Dark Arts O.W.L. this time around, they will need to work a little harder than they are doing at pres —”

           “What does it matter?” I questioned him. “Defence Against the Dark Arts — it’s all just a joke, isn’t it, an act? Like any of us need protecting against the Dark Arts —“

           “It is an act that is crucial to success, Draco!” said Snape. “Where do you think I would have been all these years, if I had not known how to act? Now listen to me! You are being incautious, wandering around at night, getting yourself caught, and if you are placing your reliance on assistants like Crabbe and Goyle —”

           “They’re not the only ones, I’ve got other people on my side, better people!”

           “Then why not confide in me, and I can

           “I know what you’re up to! You want to steal my glory!”

           There was another pause, then Snape said coldly, “You are speaking like a child. I quite understand that your father’s capture and imprisonment has upset you, but —”

           I couldn’t bear to listen to him for even one more moment. I burst open the door and walked past Slughorn’s office. I went to the dorms and started packing for the holidays.

           I hate Snape. I hate Snape, so, so much.

To learn more about Polyjuice Potion, click on the link below: https://www.wizardingworld.com/writing-by-jk-rowling/polyjuice-potion.

Slughorn’s Christmas Party (Draco’s 6th year)

Image source: https://harrypotter.fandom.com/wiki/Slug_Club_Christmas_party


Draco’s Diary (Part 6)

A/N: Draco has some negative thoughts in this part, so please don’t read this if you’re feeling blue!

11th October 1996:

I snuck into The Three Broomsticks today by casting a Dillusionment Charm on myself. It was a bit difficult, trying to get out of the castle undetected, because the security is a million times tighter, but I managed it by creating havoc on the other side of Hogwarts, so that should keep Filch busy. I rushed to The Three Broomsticks and casted an Imperius Curse on Rosmerta (A/N.- Madam Rosmerta is the landlady of the The Three Broomsticks, which is an inn in the wizarding village of Hogsmeade, which is located near Hogwarts) and handed her the package which contained cursed necklace which I somehow managed to smuggle from Borgin and Burke’s.

            I would have cast the curse tomorrow but McGonagall gave me detention because I didn’t do my Transfiguration homework twice in a row.

            I hurried back to school. Thankfully, the gates were open. I hurried back to the dungeons. Parkinson was waiting for me in the common room. She asked me, “Where were you Draco?! I was worried sick!” Oh bother. Why did she had to be here?

            I answered, “I was in the washroom. A bit sick.”

            “Oh goodness. You seem it too. You’re getting paler.” And she was right. I had been spending so much time in the Room of Requirement, I was hardly seeing any sunlight nowadays.

            “Yes, well, I’d better get to bed, you know.”

            “Oh yes. Go ahead.”

            I walked to the dormitory and changed and went to sleep.

12th October 1996:

I got up at 8:30 today. I dressed up and went to breakfast. I wolfed it down and went to McGonagall’s office. “Good morning, Mr. Malfoy. You will sort out the rotten mandrake leaves from the good ones.”

            “Yes Professor,” I answered curtly.

            It took at least 1 and a half hour. When I was done, I said, “I’m done, Professor. May I go?”

            She inspected my work and said, “Yes, you may. I would like you to finish your homework when you reach your common room and hand it to me on Monday.”

            “Yes, Professor.”

I ran to the dungeons. It was nearly empty except a handful 1st and 2nd years. I sat down to complete my Transfiguration homework. It took about an hour or so. When I was finally done with the work, Zabini, Parkinson, Crabbe and Goyle came in. Parkinson had wide eyes. She said, “Bell! Bell from Gryffindor has been cursed!”           

I groaned and lamented inwardly but acted surprised. “What!” I exclaimed.

“We don’t know how it happened,” she said.

“Whatever. Why didn’t you come, Malfoy?” Zabini interrogated me.

“Detention with McGonagall,” I said.

“Oh yeah, I forgot.” He replied. And the Bell matter was forgotten.

“So, what all did you do?” I asked them.

They had gone to The Three Broomsticks and Honeydukes. I just love Honeydukes. The chocolatey smell of the place makes it so good. I spent the rest of the time talking and reading.

13th October 1996:

Bell had been transferred to St. Mungo’s (A/N.- St. Mungo’s is a magical hospital). I felt guilty. It wasn’t meant for her. I have to think of something else for murdering Dumbledore. I feel terrible. I think I’ll die in the process instead of the headmaster. I want to give up. I wish I could talk to someone right now. I should write to Mother. So I pulled out a piece of parchment and wrote:

Dear Mother,

I hope you are okay. I’m sorry for not writing before. As you know, I have a lot going on. School is getting really difficult. OWLs are preferable to sixth year.

As for the other thing you know I am doing, I just want to give up. I can’t do it anymore. I want to scream and I want to shout.

Life’s getting nothing short of stressful.

I hope it isn’t the same at home.



I went to the Owlery, coaxed Comet down and tied the letter to his leg. I stood there until he was just a tiny speck in the sky.

School was as boring as ever. Just make notes and do homework. But this day was very good as compared to other days. We got homework for just 3 subjects. Coincidentally, today dinner had one of my favourites: steak and kidney pie.

I popped into the Room of Requirement and cast the spell. I had stopped bothering to check whether the cabinet was working or not because the state of the object was downright terrible.

I went to the dorm and practiced Occlumency and fell asleep without even changing my clothes. It’d been a very good day in a long time.

Written by Snigdha Tiwari