Reviews of books I’ve read in the previous week

Animal Farm

Author: George Orwell

Recommended for: Ages 11 and above

Animal Farm begins with a pig named Major, who is from a farm where all the animals are ill-treated, giving a moving speech about removing the humans from the system, about a dream about a utopian land where everyone is equal to his fellow animals. After his death, the animals rebel and the humans are ousted from Manor Farm. The pigs, who are the cleverest, take charge and make The Seven Commandants which highlight the fact that humans are evil and only think for themselves. Read how their fantasy about running a farm on the basis of equality crumble right before their eyes. The rebellion gives way to corrupt practices which lead to consequences which never crossed anyone’s mind.


Cover of Animal Farm

Painters, Potters, Cooks and Kings

Author: Subhadra Sen Gupta

Recommended for: Ages 7 and above

This book has stories set in Ancient India, the reign in Vijaynagar, in Mughal India and British India.
The tales from Ancient India are from Emperor Ashok’s rule and the rule in Kanchipuram.
In the stories from Vijaynagar, three children solve an exciting mystery and in the other tale a boy named Keshava and his friend Bhaskara attempt to mark Keshava’s father name on a statue he has made.
In the stories from Mughal India, read about a boy from Emperor Akbar’s reign who is an aspiring artist but his father does not approve of his interest as he is a Rajput and spend a day with Sakina Bano, who is a maidservant to Princess Jahanara, the head of the harem.
And finally, in British India, spend some time with Bilal, assistant of his father, who is a khansama in the Montgomery household and go to 1926 with Durba and Durjoy.

Cover of Painters, Potters, Cooks and Kings


The Diary of a Young Girl

Author: Anne Frank

The Diary Of A Young Girl begins on Anne’s 13th birthday (12 June 1942) when she gets a diary. It records her feelings, clashes with her parents and annoyance and happiness. They escape to Amsterdam where they go into hiding with other Jews. The diary ends suddenly on 1 August 1944 when the Nazis find the Franks and Van Daans who hide along with them.



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