Monochromatic paintings

Monochromatic painting is an Avant Garde painting technique which means making a painting only using the different shades of the same color. In fact, the word monochrome literally means ”one color”.

These days Monochrome is being used widely by artists across the globe . This method was first to make the viewer focus on only one object of the painting.

An example


Avant Garde

Avant Garde is a form of painting which has no rules or any boundaries. It is made purely from the imagination of the painter or artist . An example of this can be the famous Bean can painting by Andy Warhol. People found this painting interesting as no one ever thought to paint something as common as a bean can.

Avant Garde is now taking its place in fashion too. Designers now find Avant Garde as a new way to showcase their garments. Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese painter and dress designers who workpieces only consist of Dots. She is what is called an Avant Garde artist .

Yayoi Kusama Avant Garde potrait