Abstract art

Abstract is a modern art technique which does not represent people, animals, objects or a scenery but instead only consists of lines, colors and shapes.

  • Abstract art does not show real things.
  • It uses colors, lines, and shapes to make images that express feelings like happiness, sadness and anger .
  • Abstract art has lines and figures everywhere, so the viewer doesn’t focus on one particular point in the piece, like in traditional art.

Abstract art can be as simple as a just a painting of 2 triangles or it can be as complex as a splatter of a million colors on one sheet . This technique is easy and fun to use. Your imagination can help you create amazing abstract arts

Have you ever made this kind of art? Do tell us in the comments!

Written by Kaashvi Datta

Age 12


2 thoughts on “Abstract art”

  1. This is an awesome post! I really like abstract art!!
    Omgiee!! Thank you so much Kaashvi for messaging me!!! It means a lot, I know it was just ‘Hi’ but it really does and this was the first time someone messaged mee!
    I wasn’t able to reply because these form only let us read the messages and not reply (that’s why I ask for the Pinterest account so we can chat there, you can create one if you like at pinterest.com) But it’s absolutely fine! Thanks a lot for messaging me!


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