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Todays topic-Fanart

So what is fanart…..?
Fan art or fanart is artwork created by fans of a work of fiction aKa your favorite show ,movie, characters, actors or cartoon. Fanarts are mainly drawing or sketches.

Fanart can be of literally anything you like. It is either made digitally or paper. The most fanarts these days are mainly Anime’s (I mean since corona Anime is like all the rage so isnt it obvious?)

You can make your own fanart in these simple steps-

1)Select your show or character or movie

2) Think of what you would like to make

3)Make it

See! Its easy. Fanart needs no skills It only needs a few things- Your imagination, Pencil ,Paper, Character image, Rubber, Sharpener(Ok that’s a lot)

Heres a few examples of fanart of the stuff I like-

This is a fanart of iceceam from BlackPink
This is of elphaba and glinda
Taylor swifts fanart
Araina grande fanart

Now for my most fav thing in the whole world-Steven universe!

This is stevvonie
Pink and rose
All the main characters in a selfie

I could go on and on about these fanarts..I have a 146 saved in a folder

Anyway Here are fanarts of a few of my fav characters and people

Have you ever made fanart?

Do you like anyone in speacial?

Do you like any cartoon or movie specifically?

Tell me in the comments!




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