The art of music

Hiya! Today I’m writing on MUSIC!! Music, art concerned with combining vocal or instrumental sounds for beauty of form or emotional expression, usually according to cultural standards of rhythm, melody, and, in most Western music, harmony. Both the simple folk song and the complex electronic belong to the same activity, music. 

My favorite singers are Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, Selina Gomez and a ton of Disney songs.

The most famous types of Music here in India are- Hindi, English and Korean songs.

Here are the album covers of my fav song albums!

That’s all!


~ Kaashvi


10 weird and wonderful wonderful facts about art

Ok, I know I don’t post about art, BUT I did find some weird facts about art. Oh, and you’ll be getting my comments in the brackets.

  1. Art used to be an Olympic event. (oK WOW-)
  2. The Mona Lisa has her own mailbox in the Louvre because of all the love letters she receives. (I’m not surprised, honestly)
  3. The colour wheel predates the United States. (WOW. IT’S ANCIENT. But that’s not saying much, I find everything before my birth ancient)
  4. Artist Willard Wigan once inhaled his own work. (hOW DO YOU INHALE YOUR WORK-) (ok I found this: An artist who creates minuscule sculptures in the eye of a needle accidentally INHALED his latest piece of work. Willard Wigan had taken weeks recreating the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland, using a tiny diamond cutter and tweezers made from his own eyelashes)
  5. In 2003 street artist Banksy stuck his own work to the wall in the Tate Modern Museum. (#fearless)
  6. When the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre in 1911, the empty space it left on the wall attracted more visitors than the painting had. (Totally defines what I’ve heard millions of times- “People will not see what is there, but what is not there.” I’m pretty sure Mona Lisa is more beautiful than the wall in which she was kept.)
  7. Before he learned to walk, Picasso could draw. The first word he spoke was the Spanish word for pencil. (*sobs in incapability and ordinariness*)
  8. Leonardo da Vinci was a vegetarian and also fought for animal rights. He bought caged birds and then set them free. (Along with being a sculptor, mathematician, painter, polymath, architect, inventor, poet, engineer, anatomist, philosopher, composer, diplomat, astronomer, geologist, physicist, cartographer, chemist and plant biologist, he was also an animal rights activist. Super cool. Living the life. ✌️)
  9. Andy Brown, an English artist, stitched together 1000 used tea bags, to create a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. (The patience it must have taken, oh gods.)
  10. In 1565, the first pencil was invented in England. (HOW DID PEOPLE DRAW?) (so I found this: The first writings were carved into wood and stone with stone and metal tools. Later we used styluses to write on wax tablets, brushes, chalk, and quills. That must have been super inconvenient.)
Interview with a fictional character

Interview with a fictional character PART 2

Hi everyone!

Today I am interviewing another fictional character….A classic who is loved by all! Her name is ANNE!! (From Anne the Green Gables!)

Intro- I feel so happy to have you here! A classical figure who is renowned by all!

Q- Let’s start with your full name..

A- Hi! It’s great I got to be here today! My full name is Anne Shirley.

Q- My first question is… How would your parents feel about you today?

A- I started out different… Not someone my parents would be that proud of… I was rebellious and not lady like… at all, But I got better, I focused on studying and my education… I am sure they will be proud of me!

Q- I am sure they are! How did you personally feel when you gave your new friend red wine instead of tea?

A- I was embarrassed, really embarrassed but the truth is people learn from their mistakes and I did too.

Q- What is the best thing that happened to in your life?

A- The best thing was actually a mistake for me. The day I was mistakenly given to my parents instead of the boy. It was the best mistake ever… I had the chance to be with the 2 most wonderful people ever!

Q- When was the hardest day of your life?

A- When my father died. He was very close to me and he has a special place in my heart… Always.

Q- What do you think is something you didnt think of earlier?

A- Gilbert! Our rivalry made sense but if I thought about it we could have been friends earlier instead of the tough 5 years we had hating each other.

Q- Any thing you have to say for the last question?

A- I’m thinking… Don’t you ever imagine things differently from what they are? 🙂

That’s all everyone

It was a try

If you liked it tell me in the comments and if you have any requests on who to interview I would love to do it!



Interview with a fictional character

An interview with a fictional character!

Hi! I got the weirdest and yet most interesting idea today…What would it be like interviewing a FICTIONAL CHARACTER!

So my questions would be answered by its Fandom page.

So who would the lucky character be……………………….?

I’m thinking a crazy chocolate makers who’s factory is the biggest in the fandom world. The guy with a really good fashion sense and who is also a bit eccentric… I’m talking bout WILLY WONKA!

So here’s a Q AND A session with Willy Wonka From Charlie and chocolate factory *Trumpet sounds in the background*

Q- So, first tell me a bit about yourself.

A- Why hello there! My name is William James Willy Wonka… but you can call me Mr Wonka. I work as a chocolate maker and it has bought me much fame!

Q- What made you be a Chocolate maker?

A- I had a tough childhood, You see my parents were dentists and I wasn’t able to get any chocolate! Every Halloween all I got was a toothbrush and I had to wear this huge retainer for my teeth! One day, when I was about 15, I was having a heated argument with his father, when I screamed that I was moving out. My father didn’t believe me and shouted that he didn’t care. but I kept to my word and stayed with a friend. That’s when I started the factory with a small start.

Q- Tell us a bit about Oompa Loompas.

A- Oh they are fascinating creatures! Their skills in making chocolate far exceed mine. I just come up with the best ideas in the world and the best inventions! They are cooperative and don’t cost me much.

Q- How is life with Charlie now? You have given the factory now to him right?

A- Oh he is such a sweet and kind boy! My choice was the best I say. He has true potential to run my company! I’m still teaching him the ropes of a few things but soon he will be in my place!

Q- Well those other kids must be jealous right?

A- Veruca Salt was a spoilt child. She got everything she wanted and never learnt what true work is.

Mike Teavee was a child addicted to TV. He knew not the world of books and imagination!

Violet Beauregarde was a disrespectful self-absorbed gum chewer. She never knew the value of kindness or thinking about others and leaving her gum for once.

Augustus Gloop A child who didn’t stop eating… That’s all I need to say about him.

So you see all of them could never have got my factory! They need to mend their ways.

It’s right for them to be jealous.

Q- As we end this do you have any last quote or saying for us?

A- Yes! A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.

Thanks a lot everyone

Hope you liked it!