Blogger Interview with Kaashvi

I got a chance to get interviewed from Gelina! Thanks for giving me the opportunity! Have a look at the Q and A’s ..

Day in and out with Gelina

Hey people! Today I will be doing my first blogger interview! I want to thank Kaashvi from Admist for joining me today! Do go check out the collab blog! I will be interviewing the other member of Admist next! Now on with the interview!

1. When did you start your blog andhow didyou learn about wordpress?

I started blogging in may 2021, I learnt about WordPress through a family member who owns a blog here.

2. What is your blog name and what inspired you to name it that?

My blogs name is Admist. This name just clicked In my mind after hearing the word amidst ..I technically still don’t know what made me think that.

3. What do you write about on your blog?

My blog has me and Snigdha. My friend blogs about books (shes a huge bookworm) and I blog about art (I love art!!)

4. What…

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