Blogger Interview with Snigdha

You guys got Kaashvi’s interview, and now it’s my turn!
Go check out Gelina’s blog, it’s absolutely brilliant!

Day in and out with Gelina

Here I am with another interview! Today I am here with the other member of Admist, Snigdha! Thank you for being here Snigdha! Now for the interview!

1. When did you start your blog andhow didyou learn about wordpress?

Well, I started blogging in late May 2021, and I learnt about WordPress through my fellow blogger, Kaashvi.

2. What is your blog name and what inspired you to name it that?

My blog’s name is Admist and well I don’t know how Kaashvi came up with the name.

3. What do you write about on your blog?

I mainly write about fandom stuff (Harry Potter is a favourite).

4. What makes you keep blogging?

My motivation to keep blogging is that when I read my work, I feel wonderful about the words I wove together to create something that I can say I wrote.

5. Whichblogs or…

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Art therapy

Hi guys!! Today I found out such an amazing thing and couldn’t help but share with you guys!

So, we all get angry or sad or in stress, it’s natural, like happiness. But did you know that art can cure all the negative stuff in your mind?

Yup, that’s right!


  1. Art therapy is a therapeutic process that uses the creative process to help people express themselves and cope with their feelings.
  2. The book which help have intricate patterns and designs which we have to color. It takes patience and but helps so much to calm down!

Here’s a pic-

I am proud of you art, you do a lot to help us!

That’s all folks!