Interview with a fictional character

An interview with a fictional character!

Hi! I got the weirdest and yet most interesting idea today…What would it be like interviewing a FICTIONAL CHARACTER!

So my questions would be answered by its Fandom page.

So who would the lucky character be……………………….?

I’m thinking a crazy chocolate makers who’s factory is the biggest in the fandom world. The guy with a really good fashion sense and who is also a bit eccentric… I’m talking bout WILLY WONKA!

So here’s a Q AND A session with Willy Wonka From Charlie and chocolate factory *Trumpet sounds in the background*

Q- So, first tell me a bit about yourself.

A- Why hello there! My name is William James Willy Wonka… but you can call me Mr Wonka. I work as a chocolate maker and it has bought me much fame!

Q- What made you be a Chocolate maker?

A- I had a tough childhood, You see my parents were dentists and I wasn’t able to get any chocolate! Every Halloween all I got was a toothbrush and I had to wear this huge retainer for my teeth! One day, when I was about 15, I was having a heated argument with his father, when I screamed that I was moving out. My father didn’t believe me and shouted that he didn’t care. but I kept to my word and stayed with a friend. That’s when I started the factory with a small start.

Q- Tell us a bit about Oompa Loompas.

A- Oh they are fascinating creatures! Their skills in making chocolate far exceed mine. I just come up with the best ideas in the world and the best inventions! They are cooperative and don’t cost me much.

Q- How is life with Charlie now? You have given the factory now to him right?

A- Oh he is such a sweet and kind boy! My choice was the best I say. He has true potential to run my company! I’m still teaching him the ropes of a few things but soon he will be in my place!

Q- Well those other kids must be jealous right?

A- Veruca Salt was a spoilt child. She got everything she wanted and never learnt what true work is.

Mike Teavee was a child addicted to TV. He knew not the world of books and imagination!

Violet Beauregarde was a disrespectful self-absorbed gum chewer. She never knew the value of kindness or thinking about others and leaving her gum for once.

Augustus Gloop A child who didn’t stop eating… That’s all I need to say about him.

So you see all of them could never have got my factory! They need to mend their ways.

It’s right for them to be jealous.

Q- As we end this do you have any last quote or saying for us?

A- Yes! A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.

Thanks a lot everyone

Hope you liked it!


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