Interview with a fictional character

Interview with a fictional character PART 2

Hi everyone!

Today I am interviewing another fictional character….A classic who is loved by all! Her name is ANNE!! (From Anne the Green Gables!)

Intro- I feel so happy to have you here! A classical figure who is renowned by all!

Q- Let’s start with your full name..

A- Hi! It’s great I got to be here today! My full name is Anne Shirley.

Q- My first question is… How would your parents feel about you today?

A- I started out different… Not someone my parents would be that proud of… I was rebellious and not lady like… at all, But I got better, I focused on studying and my education… I am sure they will be proud of me!

Q- I am sure they are! How did you personally feel when you gave your new friend red wine instead of tea?

A- I was embarrassed, really embarrassed but the truth is people learn from their mistakes and I did too.

Q- What is the best thing that happened to in your life?

A- The best thing was actually a mistake for me. The day I was mistakenly given to my parents instead of the boy. It was the best mistake ever… I had the chance to be with the 2 most wonderful people ever!

Q- When was the hardest day of your life?

A- When my father died. He was very close to me and he has a special place in my heart… Always.

Q- What do you think is something you didnt think of earlier?

A- Gilbert! Our rivalry made sense but if I thought about it we could have been friends earlier instead of the tough 5 years we had hating each other.

Q- Any thing you have to say for the last question?

A- I’m thinking… Don’t you ever imagine things differently from what they are? 🙂

That’s all everyone

It was a try

If you liked it tell me in the comments and if you have any requests on who to interview I would love to do it!




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