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*cue people pitying my taste for weird stuff BUT GUYS COME ON THIS IS HELLA WEIRD*

Hi everyone! Gelina tagged me for The Rory’s Stories Tag. Thanks, Gelina 🙂

This tag was created by Simran@Farfromperfect.


  1. Mention the original creator of the tag Far from perfect and leave a link to the original post
  2. Use the tag – Rory’s stories tag
  3. You must keep all the headings I have used or at least come up with weird ones of your own cuz the post HAS to be weird
  4. The story HAS to be weird (I am saying this again people spin the most weird stories)
  5. Thank the person who has tagged you and mention them
  6. Make/use a weird featured image
  8. Put all the story combinations in your post and then choose one to make a story on and highlight the words which indicate the image you have used, for eg if the image is alien and you have interpreted it as ET then highlight the word ET
  9. Also put the game rules in your post so everyone understands how to play
  10. Tag people (please don’t forget)

Stop thinking of captions here are your options~

This is cause for jubilation, here is my combination~

This is my pride and glory let’s begin my story~

Once upon a time, an alien named Dinky landed on Earth from a spaceship. She was absolutely enchanted by the greenery of the planet. Dinky sat under a tree. It was an apple tree, though she was not aware of what the fruit was. She plucked one, unsure of how it would taste. As she swallowed the bite of the apple, she had become something of a slave to the taste. So she hoarded the apples in a basket to take to her planet.

As she munched on her fifth apple, she saw an insect and was totally creeped out by its shiny body. Suddenly, a boy appeared out of the blue with a magnet in his hand. He had something shaped like a U in his hand. So she asked him in her tinny voice, “What is that that you are carrying?” He replied, “This is a magnet.” She asked the boy what it was, and he went into an in-depth explanation of the object that went over her head. The boy then took her to his home. He had a beautiful garden with lots of plants and trees. There was also something that was sort of squirting out water. He told her it was a fountain. She kept staring at the fountain because she was fascinated by the way it sprinkled out water. He took her inside his home. His mother was conducting a drama class. She marvelled at the speed at which the boy’s mother changed expressions, because she couldn’t do so herself.

Suddenly, Dinky woke up and the dream ended. She looked up blearily at the clock and saw that it was 8:35 a.m. She was late for school. She tried to go back to sleep, but couldn’t. So she read one of the many books on her side table for about 20 minutes until her mother came and told her to wake up and get dressed and that she hadn’t much time because it was already 8 o’clock. She woke up with a sigh and started to get ready for the day.

Did you see my bag? Here are the people that I tag~

  1. SH(NotSherlockHomes)
  2. Anoushka
  3. @kaashvidatta
  4. Betty
  5. You! : )

A Valentine’s day post- Love of friends!

I know I know off topic from what Admist usually posts, and a little late, but I thought of this a surprise post.

Friends are like you can’t live with them.

But you can’t live without them either.

I love my friends; celebrate them every chance I get: my birthday, their birthday, Friendship Day, Valentine’s day, National Annoying Day….seriously, anything.

They have been with me through thick and thin and always helped me out. Even though sometimes it gets me in trouble.

Most best friends are like salt to coffee, fork to jam, sugar to chaat. my point remaining useless but fun to have



A contest/ You can be a judge!

Check out Gelina’s super-interesting sounding contest! Try it out, everyone : )

Day in and out with Gelina

Hey ladies, gentlemen, teens, tweens, animals, robots and aliens! XD I haven’t done a contest in a VERY long time so I decided to do one! Introducing the


Animal Photography Contest!

It is what it sounds like! Just take a few pictures of an animal or a picture with an animal in it and you are qualified! Here are the rules:

  1. Reblog this post on your blog, saying that you are joining this contest.
  2. You are allowed to submit upto 5 pictures.
  3. Make sure the pictures are following the theme.
  4. The picture or pictures has to be taken be you and you only.
  5. If possible, please don’t edit the picture/pictures
  6. Make sure to submit you picture/pictures before the deadline: 27 February.
  7. The results will come out on 28 February if possible.

To submit your entry, you can fill out this form. Try this link if that one doesn’t…

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