Snigdha’s guide to creating beautiful stories for WordPress

  • Think up of a topic
  • Go to www.canva.com
  • In the search bar, search for Your Stories
  • If you want to create something by your own imagination, choose ‘Create a blank Your Story’. If you want to use a template for your story, choose a template that you like.
  • The second most tedious part is here 😬 Go through different fonts and choose the one that really matches your character’s aesthetic. For example, if you take The March Sisters story and in that Meg’s, for the body text, you’ll see that I took something rather neat and curvy, and yet, simple, which I thought matches Meg’s personality perfectly.
  • WRITE! (The most tedious part. Obviously.)
  • Arrange the font size and colour according to your preferences.
  • This one is optional but I highly recommend it: Choose something important to your character. If you take My Favourite Ravenclaws and in there Luna’s, you’ll see that I put her wand behind the body text. If you have trouble thinking about what would suit your character, go to Google and type: [your character’s name here] aesthetic. I did that for Meg’s body text, where I put the hand fan. It works and helps, trust me!
  • When you’re done, download the design from Canva from your phone.
  • Stories can be uploaded only through phone so from the WordPress app, click on the’+’ button and select ‘Story Post’.
  • Upload your images and rearrange them in the correct order because WordPress does it terribly. 🤦‍♀️
  • And voila! You’re done!

Try it out! If you have any problems or if it works for you, comment below and let me know!