The City

Check out SH(NotSherlockHolmes) brilliant self-written story! It had me hooked on!

The Story Side Of Life

Just a short story written by yours truly! I have written a couple stories in the past but I have never published them in any way, so this is my first time putting out my work for the world to judge. If you have any feedback or tips, please let me know !

I back up into the shadows until my back is against a wall. I remind myself of the list of all the things that could go wrong. It was an extremely long list.

From the spot where I was standing, I could see an opening. A small gap between two houses. While I could see the people going on and about their business on the street, I was invisible to them because of the shadows cast by the large wall behind me, and the setting sun behind it. Well, at least, I should be invisible.

Why I…

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