1 YEAR SINCE ADMIST!//Celebration//Ideas needed//We need a party

No, today is not Admist’s birthday, it’s in March. Like seriously, next month.

So many good memories, we can’t believe a year has passed!

March- The idea of Admist and prepping for it

May- The first post

These 2 months are muy special for us

But as much as we’re in for a party we’d love to hear ideas from those 40 (plus more) beautiful people who followed this small blog and supported it, what would you like to have in March?


Guest posts?




A “what we did this year” post?

A logo change?

A site decoration?

Special surprise post?

We’re hoping to hear some nice ideas from you guys and we’ll definitely start posting them from March 1st. 😊

If you want a Collab, Guest post or interview reach out to -datta.kaashvi@gmail.com and snigdhatiwari38@gmail.com


Kaashvi and Snigdha


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