I hate what they did to Ron and Grover in the movies

Ron and Grover were super cool characters.

Without Ron, Harry would have starved more than he already in his Aunt and Uncle’s home and would have little happiness in his life. May I also remind you all that in the Prisoner of Azkaban book, Ron had a broken leg but still stood up and said ‘If you’re going to kill Harry, you’ll have to kill us first!’, but in the movies they made Hermione say it. They also made Ron a comic-relief character who was only interested in food and nothing else. Yes, Ron was a huge foodie in the books, but the movies did show his brave moments — breaking Harry out of his room in The Chamber of Secrets, destroying Slytherin’s locket in The Deathly Hallows, and sacrificing himself in the game of wizarding chess in The Philosopherโ€™s Stone, to name a few. Howecer, they didn’t show his immense dedication to Quidditch and his becoming Prefect, for example.

But my complaints about Ron’s character are nothing when compared to what the screenwriters did to Grover Underwood’s character. I have not watched the movie, just some scenes and a MovieFlame video which called it a ‘disrespect’ to the book.

In the Lightning Thief book, it was evident that Grover loved nature. However, the movie did not show anything like that, which is plain stupid, because it makes a large part of his personality. They made him all confident and suave and (I hate to use this phrase, but there’s nothing else in my vocabulary) a ladies’ man. And that absolutely cringe dance scene at Lotus Casino? Ugh! Grover was nothing like that in the books. He had huge self-esteem issues with himself for failing Thalia, Luke, Annabeth and Percy to camp safely.

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11 thoughts on “I hate what they did to Ron and Grover in the movies”

  1. FINALLY SOMEONE SPEAKS UP! I don’t really have anything against the Ron that has been depicted in the movies BUT the Percy Jackson movies ARE A CRIME AGAINST THE BOOK. So happy that the tv show for PJO has gotten the greenlight and Rick and Becky are working along with the screenwriters to prevent another flop!! But honestly, how do people even go wrong while making a movie-based-on-a-book, they literally have a document with the setting, the characters, the dialogue, EVERYTHING!!

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  2. I AGREE WITH ALL OF THIS SO MUCH!!! THEY COMPLETELY DESTROYED RONโ€™S CHARACTER IN THE MOVIES, and we need to imagine the PJO movies don’t exist PLEASE. They don’t even stop at ruining Groverโ€™s personality honestly, EVEN ANNABETH BECOMES THIS IDIOTIC PERSON WHO DOESNโ€™T KNOW ANYTHING???? which like completely opposes her book personality, AND SHE ALSO GETS REALLY ANNOYING IN THE MOVIES. And we’re leaving out the part where they change her hair color UGH.

    Ahh I would have written more, but need to go study hahaha, BUT LOVED THIS RANT SO MUCH!!!

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      1. YES EXACTLY! It was like movie Annabeth had the worst part of herself and also all the things we hate about Clarisse, AND THEY JUST RUINED TWO OF THE BEST FEMALE CHARACTERS IN HISTORY???!

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