1 year to Admist- Assumptions!


So, to celebrate 1 year to Admist, Kaashvi and I have decided to do assumptions for both of us.

If you have assumption for me, don’t forget to put Kaashvi’s email ID in the CC section and vice versa! We will accept only 3 assumptions per blogger.

My email ID: snigdhatiwari38@gmail.com

Kaashvi’s email ID: datta.kaashvi@gmail.com

Kaashvi and Snigdha


11 thoughts on “1 year to Admist- Assumptions!”

  1. I do not have an email so I sending some here
    For Kashvi-
    You are an avid reader
    You love dogs
    You hate ssc
    You prefer pizza over burger
    You live in a large family
    You love painting
    For Snigdha-
    You love books
    You are a harry potter fan
    You have a elder sister
    You like chocolate more than jelly

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  2. You both love pizza and burger
    Either of you is an introvert and the other an extrovert
    None of you wears glasses
    One of you can play a musical instrument
    Your fav color is blue, for both

    That’s all for me!

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