Our painting reactions! Collab with Gelina

Hiya! So today’s post is a collab! (I mean duh its in the title)

Me and Gelina are reacting to 5 paintings which are-

1-Starry night- Vincent van Gogh

2-The scream-Edward Munch

3-The persistence of memory- Salvador Dali

4-The yellow flower-Henri Matisse

5-I saw 3 cities- Kay sage

Here are Gelina’s reactions-

Gelina says-This is a very awesome painting and I love how he makes everything look so……. beautiful. The blue and the yellow go together perfectly and everything is so detailed! And I also like the name ‘Starry Night’ as it fits the painting very well. This is one of my favorite paintings and that’s why I chose it lol.

Just look at this! The swirls and lines are just perfect! I think most of you know this painting as this is one of the most famous paintings in history. I love the sunset colors and the colors of the lake/sea/ocean. And the expression of the person or ghost whatever it is, is so………. scary? And the way Edvard Munch paints makes it look like time doesn’t mean anything. I love this painting.

Lol Salvador Dali has a great imagination! Like, how did he even come up with that? But still, he painted it very well. Look at the cliffs and the sky! And how it is dark near the clocks and light near the ocean! I can understand why this is a very well known painting, great job Salvador! 

Lol I have this painting hanging on the wall in the dining room and I am not really a fan of it. I know it is a style of art but……… I still don’t like it that much. I mean, he did a great job in painting it and all but the colors are kinda dull.

Haha this is not a very famous painting but I decided to add it anyway. It is very creative but I don’t know why it is called ‘I Saw Three Cities.’ But still, the painting is very well done and I love the shadows! Overall, I like this painting!

My reactions is in the post Gelina has uploaded!

That’s allll


Kaashviiii and Gelina!


4 thoughts on “Our painting reactions! Collab with Gelina”

  1. All the paintings are eye catching. The colours have their own meanings. which words can’t explain .I appreciate your inner imagination about paintings. Congratulations


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