Brilliant things about being a bookworm

  • You can get lost in another world when you’re stressed, angry, sad, or any other emotion that brings you down.
  • It makes you more empathetic to people’s experiences because through book characters’ experiences, you come to know of different types of difficulties people go through.
  • It enriches your vocabulary, blah, blah, blah.
  • SO. MANY. GENRES. Sci-fi to travelogues, horror to comedy, you name the genre, you’ll find a book.
  • No trouble coming up with a wish list. You know your state, and you always have an eye on books published by your favourites, and your interests are ever-growing.
  • Ernest Hemingway rightly said, “There is no friend as loyal as a book.” A book will be there for you when no one is.
  • A whole mine of quotes can be found in them, which you can entertain yourself with, or apply in real life.
*uncontrollable laughter*

Or, on a more serious note,

*turns serious*

16 thoughts on “Brilliant things about being a bookworm”

  1. Oh my gosh ALL OF THIS IS SO TRUE AHHH! But… I think this is just me, but my vocabulary is TERRIBLE despite all the reading I do? LIKE WHAT ARE WORDS I DO NOT KNOW MOST OF THEM and keep forgetting the meanings of the ones I DO look up 😳😳 AND THE QUOTES ONE AHH, whenever I’m obsessed with a book, Every. Single. Life event reminds me of lines from the book (which is basically me with six crows right now ahahaha) LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH SNIGDHA!!

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