Photography by me

Hi everyone!

Here’s some photography by me



14 thoughts on “Photography by me”

  1. These photos are really good, but if you don’t mind, I would like to give some tips/feedback. I’ve been interested in (and doing) photography for about a year now and have my own camera as well. I think your photographs will turn out better if you focus on adding interest to your photographs. What I mean by that is try to focus on adding some interesting elements or clicking pictures of things that interest you/may interest other people. Sometimes, even when your element is interesting, the picture can seem good but ,well, a bit bland, like that photo of your guitar. In such cases, you have to look at the situation and then figure it out but the most basic solution, that usually works for me, is to bring the element to the left or right side of the frame. Other than that you just get better with time.


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