My life IRL vs My blogging life

Hello everyone!

Here’s the difference between me as a blogger and me In Real Life (IRL)

Me as a blogger-

Sincere- I make sure my posts are neat and clean with good grammar and useful information on my topic

Punctual– I make sure to post everyday and sometimes even twice a day

Responsible– Making sure to balance exams and my blog

Creative– Make sure to provide my followers with good and creative content

Me as a human

Weird– Im the kind of person who comes up with the weirdest ideas in the group

Clumsy– I AM VE-RY CLUMSY *trips*

The Disney princess trait– Ik ik its weird, but by princess most people think beauty and long blonde hair me on the other hand has a different trait taken from them, the trait to sing anywhere anytime. I sing literally anywhere at any time just like Cinderella and Rapunzel

So I guess I do differ



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