Book review- BOY


So today I’m reviewing BOY by Roald Dahl (I mean who doesn’t love that guy!)

Ok so the book is his early biography

Like his school days and summer vacations

Its filled with fun and cheeky things he did as a boy like eating lots and lots of candy , Dealing with 6 brothers and sisters , faking illnesses and even almost murdering someone! (Dont worry its fun its a twist you will have to figure out)

Its my absolute fav and Id love if u guys read it too

On a scale of one to 10 I….TS A 10!

The truth is the real reason the book attracted me was its honesty

Most writers would twist the tales to make them good look but MR Dhal had both his achievement and failures in it

Its highly relatable since we all are kids just like him in his olden days and just like him love going school with friends, eating LOADS candy (Or is that just me???)and enjoying summer holidays with our grandparents

BTW Happy chhoti holi everyone!

Incase u didnt know what that is wait for my post tomm!

Hope you liked the post



7 thoughts on “Book review- BOY”

  1. I loved this book! I read it last winter! It was pretty fun to read! And yes! I love his honesty! Have you read the one where he writes about the same kind of things and it shows all the Characters who would have been in the Charlie and the Chocolate book? I can’t for the life of me remember what it is called😅

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      1. I loved what he did with what he got for Christmas! (I’m being as blank as I can with details so there are no spoilers for people who have not read it yet.)
        And You’re welcome! I saw “Book Review” and was like: “ALRIGHT!”


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