The Percy Jackson Q & A by Snigdha

Kaashvi told me that I could do these questions, so why not! Let’s get into it.

Q: What will your dream cabin be?

A: Athena! Books everywhere! A lot of smart people! Grey eyes! Yes, I love grey eyes.

Q: What will your weapon be?

A: Nico’s Stygian iron sword. I’ve always liked it, for some reason. Or Annabeth’s knife.

Q: If you had the chance to choose your mythological parents, who would they be?

A: Athena and Hermes.

Q: What will your dream team/friend group be?

A: 1. Annabeth

2. Nico

3. Leo

4. Percy

5. Grover

Q: Which person are you jealous of for their powers?

A: My answer is same as Kaashvi, Nico di Angelo. Or Percy, on a second thought.

Q: Who do you want to have a good alliance with? (Gods only)

A: Athena, Artemis, Hermes, Hephaestus and Zeus (not because I like him, but because he’s the king of the gods)

Well, that’s all!

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The Percy Jackson Q and A

Hello everyone!

I found some questions online regarding Percy Jackson and I thought to answer them here!

Q-What will your dream cabin be?

A- POSEIDONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Yes, I would love to be the daughter of the god of the ocean and sister of Percy. 😅

Q) What will your weapon be?

A)- I would love something like Riptide. Not because of how cool it is but because I’d probably end up losing it again and again and again and would want a weapon which could back to me.

Q) If you had the chance to choose your Mythological parents who would they be?

A)- Poseidon and Artemis.

Q) Who would your Greek god nemesis be?

A) Hades, Aphrodite and Ares.

Q) What will be your dream team/friend group (all added, spirits included) (5 People max to be chosen)

A-) 1-Grover



4-Zoe Nightshade (She is one stubborn and strict warrior)

5- Nico di Angelo (His powers are just amazing)

Q- Which person are you jealous of for her/his powers?


Q) Who do you want to have a good alliance with (Gods only)

A)- Poseidon, Hera, Aphrodite (yes, she may be one of the hated characters but having a good alliance is a must for me with her).
Minor gods: Nemesis, Hermes and probably Apollo and Artemis

That’s all!
Hope you liked it.

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Happy Book Day!//What’s in my library right now?

Yes, I forgot. But now that I got known to remember that it was yesterday I thought to might as well wish you guys!

So Belated Happy Book Day my dear readers!

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Whats on my book list right now?

Just finished-

  1. Percy Jackson and the battle of the Labyrinth
  2. The Witches by Roald Dahl
  3. The essential collection for young readers by Ruskin Bond

All of these 3 books were simply amazing!

Onto the books I WILL read-

To read-

  1. Percy Jackson and the last Olympian by Rick Riordan
  2. Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan (Heard a lot about how good this is)
  3. Two can keep a secret by Karen M.McManus

Thats all!

Hope you guys enjoy your Sunday!


Happy Belated Earth Day!

Cartoon of hands holding up planet earth

Hello, everyone!

Happy belated Earth day! I was unable to wish everyone yesterday, because life is so, so, so hectic and busy! Someone save meeeeeee!

Coming back to Earth Day. Remember to do your part, because nobody else can do it for you. –A very wise girl named Snigdha

I don’t have much to say, so bye!

Remember to make Pan and Grover happy!

Snigdha : )


Littler Women- A modern retelling of a classic

How are you wonderful people doing today?

As I was exploring my home library, I found this book and couldn’t help but post a review for it so that all you people can get to know about it and read it.

The beloved March girls come to a vivid new life in this modern-day retelling that is a perfect introduction to the classic tale.

Meg is shown as a 13-year-old fashionista. She thinks being the eldest is the toughest job.

Jo is a 12-year-old bookworm. Soon-to-be published author who likes submitting entries in local papers and magazines.

Beth is a shy and peaceful 10-year-old. Would rather stay home and miss school to bake and spend time with her cat and play her piano.

Amy is the most important person in the room- According to her. A 9-year-old stubborn but cheerful girl.

I’m sure you will too.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars.




What I feel about Percy Jackson compared to other books

Hello wonderful people!

Yes, I have started writing on books.

I am A VERY BIG FAN OF PERCY JACKSON. I recently started reading its first book and now my obsession has brought me to finishing the third (Titan’s Curse) and starting the next one.

Until now I saw a lot of things unique and different about Percy Jackson compared to other books and I would love to share it with you-

1- Informal tone

This first person narrative in this book is AMAZING! and the author has used an informal tone with the readers, which makes the book very comical/humorous. A lot of books don’t have this. Most books have a third person narrative with a deep explanation and a very formal writing sense.

2- The chapter names


I mean the chapters name are so funny and witty, I respect the author for this. This is something you will find in NO OTHER BOOK, mark my words.

3- The learning x fun

No book could have taught me more Greek Mythology than this. I was never interested in these things until I read this book. I’ve read so much and got to learn so much while also laughing and crying and understanding the drama. No book gives you that experience.

4- Each chapter ending had a climax

At the end of each chapter was an open mystery or climax which needed to figured out! This was really amazing about the book.

Other than these main points the fights were detailed, the climaxes were to die for and the final mystery when solved….WOW!

A must read for those who haven’t.

These are my point of views, what do you have to say?

That’s all!



Something to say//The smallest mistake


How are you wonderful people doing today?

So as you all may know my offline school has started because of which I am posting very infrequently, I apologise for that. My exams have also begun now so You maybe expect 1 post in a week or 2 *wipes tear off face*

Now for todays topic

The smallest mistake

Picture this- You have all the creativity in you and are ready to paint something, You have everything ready like your paints, brushes and imagination. You sit down to paint and an hour has passed. You glance at your final masterpiece, something seems wrong. You don’t like something in it and feel like you haven’t perfected yet

This can happen, to be an artist is to fail again and again and then to make something AMAZING

After even tons of hard work you can feel like your final outcome is not as good as you thought

That’s perfectly normal

don’t mind that

I’m sure you will make something amazing!

Thats all for today!



My favourite Sword of Summer chapter titles in no particular order

There are spoilers present in this post! ⚠️ Proceed with caution ⚠️

Chapter One: Good Morning! You’re Going to Die

No better title to start off a book!

Chapter Eleven: Pleased to Meet You. I Will Now Crush Your Windpipe

This is me when I meet someone and I dislike them immediately.

Chapter Twenty: Come to the Dark Side. We Have Pop-Tarts

Loki is the coolest person in this book, even though he’s the antagonist of the series. And not to mention, super handsome.

Chapter Fifty-Three: How To Kill Giants Politely

Killing someone… politely. Wow. Demigods, learn some lessons.

Chapter Fifty-Nine: The Terror That Is Middle School

Every kid like me relates to this title. I know it.

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*Glances at her sharpies* *Picks up her drawing pad* *Realises she’s doing to many actions while writing a post* *Gets back to writing*


How are you wonderful people, I havent posted in a long time, My offline school started

First lemme give you a update




Now for the topic-


Who doesn’t love it? “scribble absent-mindedly” is what most people would call it. For me its acts as something which could calm me down. You just scribble on your page when bored. THATS DOODLING

The best part about doodling is that you don’t have to actually think of anything or do something in a specific manner. ITS FREESTYLE.

Lets have a look at some amazing doodles-


Thats all dearest readers!