Something to say//The smallest mistake


How are you wonderful people doing today?

So as you all may know my offline school has started because of which I am posting very infrequently, I apologise for that. My exams have also begun now so You maybe expect 1 post in a week or 2 *wipes tear off face*

Now for todays topic

The smallest mistake

Picture this- You have all the creativity in you and are ready to paint something, You have everything ready like your paints, brushes and imagination. You sit down to paint and an hour has passed. You glance at your final masterpiece, something seems wrong. You don’t like something in it and feel like you haven’t perfected yet

This can happen, to be an artist is to fail again and again and then to make something AMAZING

After even tons of hard work you can feel like your final outcome is not as good as you thought

That’s perfectly normal

don’t mind that

I’m sure you will make something amazing!

Thats all for today!



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