What I feel about Percy Jackson compared to other books

Hello wonderful people!

Yes, I have started writing on books.

I am A VERY BIG FAN OF PERCY JACKSON. I recently started reading its first book and now my obsession has brought me to finishing the third (Titan’s Curse) and starting the next one.

Until now I saw a lot of things unique and different about Percy Jackson compared to other books and I would love to share it with you-

1- Informal tone

This first person narrative in this book is AMAZING! and the author has used an informal tone with the readers, which makes the book very comical/humorous. A lot of books don’t have this. Most books have a third person narrative with a deep explanation and a very formal writing sense.

2- The chapter names


I mean the chapters name are so funny and witty, I respect the author for this. This is something you will find in NO OTHER BOOK, mark my words.

3- The learning x fun

No book could have taught me more Greek Mythology than this. I was never interested in these things until I read this book. I’ve read so much and got to learn so much while also laughing and crying and understanding the drama. No book gives you that experience.

4- Each chapter ending had a climax

At the end of each chapter was an open mystery or climax which needed to figured out! This was really amazing about the book.

Other than these main points the fights were detailed, the climaxes were to die for and the final mystery when solved….WOW!

A must read for those who haven’t.

These are my point of views, what do you have to say?

That’s all!