The Percy Jackson Q and A

Hello everyone!

I found some questions online regarding Percy Jackson and I thought to answer them here!

Q-What will your dream cabin be?

A- POSEIDONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Yes, I would love to be the daughter of the god of the ocean and sister of Percy. 😅

Q) What will your weapon be?

A)- I would love something like Riptide. Not because of how cool it is but because I’d probably end up losing it again and again and again and would want a weapon which could back to me.

Q) If you had the chance to choose your Mythological parents who would they be?

A)- Poseidon and Artemis.

Q) Who would your Greek god nemesis be?

A) Hades, Aphrodite and Ares.

Q) What will be your dream team/friend group (all added, spirits included) (5 People max to be chosen)

A-) 1-Grover



4-Zoe Nightshade (She is one stubborn and strict warrior)

5- Nico di Angelo (His powers are just amazing)

Q- Which person are you jealous of for her/his powers?


Q) Who do you want to have a good alliance with (Gods only)

A)- Poseidon, Hera, Aphrodite (yes, she may be one of the hated characters but having a good alliance is a must for me with her).
Minor gods: Nemesis, Hermes and probably Apollo and Artemis

That’s all!
Hope you liked it.

You can answer these same questions in a new post on your blog or in the comments.

Have a good day!


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