Bye June!

June has always been the best month of the whole year for me because it’s the holidays and it’s my birthday! Let’s look at the important highlights of this month

Posts uploaded-

1- In conversation with art enthusiast Harleen Chhibbar

2- (reblogged) Summer blog contests

3-Creative artworks which blew my mind

4- 21st June, world music day

5-How was my birthday?

6- Happy birthday to me

7- Wayanad/Birthday/Book status

Oooooh, 7 posts. That’s not that bad honestly. I think I did great


Including the people who followed me in June I have 87 followers (Email followers included)


Now that is quite an achievement

Highlights of the month-

1-My birthday

2- The trip to Wayanad

3- My interview with Harleen

Movies or shows I watched-

1- Oceans 8

2- Alita- Battle angel

3- Ms Marvel (in progress)

4- Princess diaries 2 (In progress)

5- Itefaq (A Hindi movie, Itefaq being the Hindi word for coincidence)

6- Jurrasic world 3

Songs on repeat-

1- Woman by Doja cat

2- Walls could talk by Halsey

3- Bad Guy- Billie Eilish

4- Say so- Doja cat

5- Rangi Saari- Kavita Sethi (An amazing hindi song)

So, that’s how my June went. It was filled with songs and laughter, celebration and fun. Its been a great month overall!

Thats all



In conversation with art enthusiast- Harleen Chhibbar

Good morning everyone!

Today I have had the privilege to interview a wonderful painter and art enthusiast Harleen Chhibbar!

Art is a creative work of expressing oneself. Harleen developed her interest in art when she was 7 years old. She’s 14 and has been taking art classes for 6 years now. After a few moments of meet-and-greet, I asked her a few questions which she answered and I wanted to share them with you guys.

My first (obvious) question- Why do you like painting?

Harleen smiled- “Painting relaxes my mind and boosts my creative thinking, I am fond of it as it nurtures my imagination”

I agree with that on her. Painting has always helped our minds to calm and relax. It most definitely boosts our creative thinking!

My next question for her is- How much time can a painting take to be completed?

Harleen responded- “It all depends on the painting, actually. Most of my paintings take 1-2 months to complete but some can take up to 3-4 months even and some finish within a week!”

After a short juice break, we move onward and I asked her the 3rd question- What paint type do you prefer in your paintings and why?

Harleen answered- “I have always used either acrylics or waterolors, Each paint has its own advantage. Acrylics dry fast, have clarity and transparency, and can give watercolor and oil color effects. Watercolors are light and give a beautiful pastel impression.”

My next question was related to the previous one- Mostly what type of things do you paint?

She revealed- “I have always painted nature sceneries. I am not much into humans. I love nature and really enjoy capturing it on my canvas”.

I once again agreed with her. Nature indeed is a beautiful thing itself!

The final question was very important indeed- What would you like to say to the people who are reading your interview?

Harleen paused for a few seconds and replied- “I would thank them for taking their time to read my interview, Life Is like a blank canvas and it is our job to fill it with paint and make it colorful in our very own way, so I implore to take up a hobby and pursue it. Take out time for yourself and do what you like the most.”

And with that, we ended our interview. We enjoyed talking to each other and I most certainly loved listening to her answers!

Here are a few of her paintitngs-

I hope you enjoyed reading it too!




The summer blog contests are back! // Sign-ups + first prompt

Hello everyone!
I am taking part in this super exciting competition and would love if you guys could join me too!

A Curly Sue’s Ramblings

It’s the first day of summer and if you’re looking to do fun activities, and boredom busters – well you’ve come to the perfect place! Maggie and I have put together 4 creative prompts, to keep you busy throughout the month of June-July!

And they include writing, crafting, drawing and more! 🌻

We introduce you to…

….the second annual summer blog contests!

The first time the summer blog contests were held was in 2020! we didn’t get a chance to do it again in 2021, but we’re back now. I first hosted it with kaelyn, but this year, maggie’s the co-host :))

🍉Wanna know what all this is about? Read on to find out!🍉

What the summer blog contests are: They’re two contests hosted on 2 separate blogs – Mine and Maggie’s.

How to participate: Follow the creative prompts posted every Tuesday until the 12th of July

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Creative artworks which blew my mind

Hello everyone!

Creativity is using your mind to make something different and unique. I have put together some of my favourite artworks. I hope you like them!

All it took was some knitting yarn of different colors and some imagination!

wow! that’s just amazing!

Wow! This is so good, the tree actually looks like his hair in this one!


Even a half-eaten cookie can make something

Whoa, she made a whole drawing with just pencil shavings


That’s all folks!




21st June- World music day

The (8th) most amazing day on earth (according to me) has arrived today! HAPPY INTERNATIONAL MUSIC DAY EVERYBODY!

Music is what brings us all together. Music can give out a powerful message. Music helps us relax and calm down

Music has been a boon to us ever since it came into this world. Today we thank apps Like Spotify and Gaana.com for existing

The World Music Day is celebrated each year every 21 st of June in over 120 countries all around the world. This day is all about honoring musicians, both amateur and professional. The day is also all about enjoying music and the entertainment we get from it.

Songs have given us support whenever we felt sad or angry. They help us unwind. Songs make me forget all the negative things in the world

Once again wishing you all a great day!

This is Kaashvi, signing out 👋🏻


How was my birthday?


As promised I’m about to give you a detailed article of my birthday

It started off at 12 am of 13th June when I had just finished watching detective pikachu (amazing movie) , at the strike of the hour my relatives calls to wish me and after the whole thing I slept.

I woke up at 8am on my birthday which is honestly pretty late but I was 😴

My parents wished me, my grandparents wished me and I got ready to go to the temple to seek blessings from the gods. Ally returning I had sandwiches made from my mom which I absolutely 🥰

After that I bathed got ready and got treats for my morning party which was one with my school friends

All my closest friends and I went to ambience timezone which is a bowling and arcade zone

Even Snigdha was a apart of it. All of my friends enjoyed so muchhhhhh

I had a lot of fun we did camel racing, dancing, singing, tons of arcade games(which got me tons of tickets) and bowling Ofcourse

My cake was Taylor Swift themed and to be honest my whole party was

Most wore pink because well lover and ME!

Anyway I really loved that

When I returned home my brother and sister had arrived

We had a lot of fun and then went for an evening party which consisted of all my relatives

I loved it even my cute little sister was there all my relatives wished me and I had a lot of fun

My second cake was also Taylor Swift themed

When I returned him at 11 pm something me and my cousins sat and watch oceans 8 (I loved it)

Well that’s all




Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday dearest Kaashvi

Happy birthday to me

YESSSSS that day has arrived, MOI BIRTHDAY. I am very happy. I went to the temple to pray for an amazing day and to ask God to give his blessings to me. I am very excited for the rest of the day

My parents have tons of things planned and my relatives are coming over!

Will tell you what all happened today at the end of the day!


The birthday girl


Wayanad//Birthday//Book status//

My holidays have begun and I’m very happy!

Yes, Being a ghost for 5 days means returning from a trip and covering all topics AT ONCE. Some pretty important things on the schedule so let’s start!


My holidays have started and I visited a place called Wayanad which is in the Kerela district of India. It’s all mountains and greenery, with heavy rainfalls and tons of tea plantations. I visited at least 5 mountains (Actually drove over them), Did 3 ziplines, and visited 2 waterfalls and a cave. I really loved doing a 500-metre zipline over a full tea plantation. My hotel stay was amazing and I trekked to a cave!

So in total, I had a great time and enjoyed it a lot.



That’s my birthday date. WOOOHOOOOO YESSSS YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY WOOOHOOOOOOO HAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH *calms down* right, so anyway, I have tons of things planned and am really excited for it. I’ll stay up till 12am tonight to do a cake cutting, I have my family members and relatives over, I have a party planned with all my friends from school. IM SO HAPPPPPPPPPPPY *Jumps around* *calms down (again)*



I will start with the Blood of Olympus maybe in a week and after that the trials of apollo

Very excited about it!

I’ll post a article soon on my whole trip to Wayanad! Stay tuned amigos!

That’s all folks!




Celebrated on 5 June every year, world environment day is the United Nations‘ principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of the environment.

Each year has a theme and this year’s theme is …*drumroll please* ‘Only One Earth’.The focus of World Environment Day 2022 will be on “living sustainably in harmony with nature”

(Grover must be so happy today)

Even though each day is Earth day, do we treat our earth the way she should be treated?

Mother earth is sick and wounded. She is ill from our doings. What may seem development to us can be a harm to another. The trees we cut for our own advantage are squirrels and birds’ homes. We need to switch to safer and eco-friendly options. Do carpools, plant trees, and STOP USING PLASTIC (seriously stop this, plastic is the biggest cause of our poisoned ocean ).

Spread awareness, following protests, discuss the topic, and Be a part of the solution

Photo by Luis Dalvan on Pexels.com

What are your ideas on how to save the earth! Do share in the comments

Question- How did you spend your environment day?