How was my birthday?


As promised I’m about to give you a detailed article of my birthday

It started off at 12 am of 13th June when I had just finished watching detective pikachu (amazing movie) , at the strike of the hour my relatives calls to wish me and after the whole thing I slept.

I woke up at 8am on my birthday which is honestly pretty late but I was 😴

My parents wished me, my grandparents wished me and I got ready to go to the temple to seek blessings from the gods. Ally returning I had sandwiches made from my mom which I absolutely 🥰

After that I bathed got ready and got treats for my morning party which was one with my school friends

All my closest friends and I went to ambience timezone which is a bowling and arcade zone

Even Snigdha was a apart of it. All of my friends enjoyed so muchhhhhh

I had a lot of fun we did camel racing, dancing, singing, tons of arcade games(which got me tons of tickets) and bowling Ofcourse

My cake was Taylor Swift themed and to be honest my whole party was

Most wore pink because well lover and ME!

Anyway I really loved that

When I returned home my brother and sister had arrived

We had a lot of fun and then went for an evening party which consisted of all my relatives

I loved it even my cute little sister was there all my relatives wished me and I had a lot of fun

My second cake was also Taylor Swift themed

When I returned him at 11 pm something me and my cousins sat and watch oceans 8 (I loved it)

Well that’s all



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