21st June- World music day

The (8th) most amazing day on earth (according to me) has arrived today! HAPPY INTERNATIONAL MUSIC DAY EVERYBODY!

Music is what brings us all together. Music can give out a powerful message. Music helps us relax and calm down

Music has been a boon to us ever since it came into this world. Today we thank apps Like Spotify and Gaana.com for existing

The World Music Day is celebrated each year every 21 st of June in over 120 countries all around the world. This day is all about honoring musicians, both amateur and professional. The day is also all about enjoying music and the entertainment we get from it.

Songs have given us support whenever we felt sad or angry. They help us unwind. Songs make me forget all the negative things in the world

Once again wishing you all a great day!

This is Kaashvi, signing out 👋🏻


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