The summer blog contests are back! // Sign-ups + first prompt

Hello everyone!
I am taking part in this super exciting competition and would love if you guys could join me too!

A Curly Sue’s Ramblings

It’s the first day of summer and if you’re looking to do fun activities, and boredom busters – well you’ve come to the perfect place! Maggie and I have put together 4 creative prompts, to keep you busy throughout the month of June-July!

And they include writing, crafting, drawing and more! 🌻

We introduce you to…

….the second annual summer blog contests!

The first time the summer blog contests were held was in 2020! we didn’t get a chance to do it again in 2021, but we’re back now. I first hosted it with kaelyn, but this year, maggie’s the co-host :))

🍉Wanna know what all this is about? Read on to find out!🍉

What the summer blog contests are: They’re two contests hosted on 2 separate blogs – Mine and Maggie’s.

How to participate: Follow the creative prompts posted every Tuesday until the 12th of July

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