Emotions and moments of a reader

Each reader out there has a different style of reading. Some may like audio while some may like a hard copy. We all like different genres and different authors but the emotions we share are the same. I am sharing a few below, hope you can relate- (THIS HAS SPOILERS OF PERCY JACKSON)

The happiness of getting a new book-😊

We all have that moment when we finally get the book we have hoped for getting for a very long time. The excitement is unbearable and it is one of the happiest moments in life

The excitement when a secret is revealed-😁

The jumpy moment in life when the character finally reveals the greatest climax or secret which leaves us in awe.

The sad moments-😥

The moment when your favourite character (R.I.P Bianca De Angelo, Zoe Nightshade and Selina, Bob the Titan) passes away and you are left in tears for the whole day wondering what did they do wrong

The disappointment- 😟

There are 2 disappointments in a reader-

1)- When a wonderful book ends in a very bad way

2) – When you leave the book and see that you weren’t a part of the adventure you just read

The teary-eyed happy moment -😉

When what you have been waiting for a very long time finally happens (eg-Percabeth) and you finally start seeing the whole world in a new perspective

The moment which takes time to process-😰

The dramatic climax or part when a character reveals something shocking and you just stand there like 😱😱😱😱😱🤯🤯🤯🤯 (When Rose Quartz was pink diamond or when Selina was a spy)

Well, that’s my P.O.V

Hope you liked it!



7 thoughts on “Emotions and moments of a reader”

  1. ok but I relate to all of these. I LOVED the hunger games series, but the third book just wasn’t it. And it’s sad that the series ends with ..that. I wasn’t over it for days..

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