Hello everybody!

Hope you all are doing well!

A lot of people (such as me) spend time writing fanfictions of character ships, and family dramas. Could-be theories etc. Fanfictions help you feel as if you are a part of the book.

FACT-There are more fanfictions of Percabeth and Solangelo than the number of people existing on this earth right now.

Fanfiction, or “fanfic,” is a type of fictional story based on another work of fiction. These stories are published on the internet by amateur writers who are fans of the existing property. There are also fanfics written about non-fictional settings and people, such as celebrities and historical figures.

I am a fan of both, Fanarts and fanfictions. Both of them help me understand things in a new way and from a different perspective.

My favorite fanficitions are always based on Percy Jackson, Steven Universe, Marvel or Harry potter

Thats all!

Which fanficitons do you like?



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