Short post – Creative clothing//Aesthetic version👗🌈

Hello everyone!
I hope you all are doing well.

I recently came across the ART of making your clothes Aesthetic and thought to write a post on it.

I’m sure everyone likes dressing up and I love it too but dressing in an aesthetic sense is quite unique. It gives out a different vibe and really stands out. Aesthetics are different styles of dress, such as vintage and arty. The term refers to the look you create with clothing, accessories, and beauty. Aesthetics can also refer to casual styles, formal dress, or office wear, as these are all still types of looks you create with clothes.

I have always loved dressing up aesthetically in the different mix and match combinations I make with the clothes I have. Your aesthetic style gives out a message to people. It helps others understand the type of person you are.

If I talk about myself I love light blue baggy jeans, a thick white top with a long red checked t-shirt as a jacket of sorts. It gives out a happy and free vibe.💖

Here’s a link to a pin board of Aesthetics made by yours truly

https://pin.it/6IzFtTU: Short post – Creative clothing//Aesthetic version👗🌈

Until next time!