For my Official Dumb Ravenclaw


Hello everyone!

This is a special post written to a special friend


You make every single day a gift to me and help me be a better person

I want to point out today that I often call her Didi (Which is elder sister in Hindi) because of how mature and kind she is

You have always been on my side

Even when I was crying over the death of a few characters in P.Jo you were with me

When I was stuck in between choices, You helped me

No matter what you were there, Like a true friend

You may be Socially awkward, but a very talkative person to people you know and love.

We kept a small party for her in the class where my friend SH baked her a cake, Me and my friends Ansh and Pahal organised a small gift, card and cake cutting ceremony and Snigdhas reaction to this was priceless

I hope we stay like this forever and enjoy this memory

Happy birthday once again dear!

*Virtually hugs* And that’s 23 hugs 🤗😘


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