The Book Character Awards! (a bookalicious initiative)

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Anthology of Akshita's Thoughts

I have been planning this for sooo longgg and it’s finally time to execeute!

So, I find it unfair that we do not have overhyped award ceremonies for book character like we do for actors who play character. I mean fictional people are only ever the best. So, I came up with this idea to host a character awards on my blog. Lets get on with the rules:

1.Nominations for every category can be given by book bloggers only while the voting can be done by everyone. All book bloggers are required to submit their nominations for the different categories in this post’s comment sections and the characters with most mentions will be short-listed. These short-listed names will be posted later after which all bloggers can vote. The character with most votes wins.

2.Nominations will be open starting today till 28th September and voting commences from 29th September and will…

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