I went to Ranthambhore with my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone

Sorry for the little break I took. I was on a 3-day trip to a very famous animal reserve in Rajasthan called Ranthambhore with my friends. (school trip, no parents)

It was absolutely fantastic. I went to a fort that was magnificent. I went to a Mandir (Temple) and got blessings from the Pundit (priest). and finally, I WENT TO AN ANIMAL SAFARI. So the animal reserve safari is a safari through a forest and this reserve is famous for tigers (but they are seriously rare to spot so…). So I saw around a million peacocks, a crocodile, a pair of owls, some 10 deers and A TIGER. YES, I SPOTTED A FEMALE TIGRESS NAMED ARROWHEAD. IT WAS SUCH A BIG MOMENT BECAUSE THEY ARE VERY RARE PLUS I WAS IN THE ONLY JEEP WHICH SPOTTED ONE.

We had a DJ where my friends and I GOT CRAZY. proper pagal (crazy). me and 5 other girls stayed together in a suite in a resort and even went to the pool. every time where we were free we would play Uno/bluff/sing.

The trip from the bus was of 11 hours and all the time songs were playing. We played Punjabi songs, Bhojpuri songs and English songs and danced. Whoever passed by our bus was clearly jealous.

So well that’s a messy but short detail of my weekend.

Oh and here’s a photo of me with my friends. Guess which is me…

so that’s all