Characters that took my heart away…

Hello everyone!

I have another book-related post today which (you may have guessed by the title) revolves around certain characters I adore.

Luna Lovegood

This girl. She has made me love her. She has had such hardships. She was constantly bullied for being …well, herself. But she stood strong, she is the most sweetest and calmest person ever. I love her

Leo (Mcshizzle) Valdez

How can we not about this extremely dashing and good-natured character? The most down-to-earth and lovely personality. I mean he may be a (7th?) wheel on the Argo 2 BUT HE GOT A GODDESS. CALYPSO IS THE LUCKIEST PERSON ON EARTH. I just adore him

Annabeth Chase

I WOULD DIE FOR THOSE GREY EYES. She is the most determined and strong young woman I know. I worship herrrrrrr. What more can I say about her. I think we all know her well

Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond

A lot of people take her as the bad guy or as selfish. I take her as a mother. She gave up her form so her son could live. Can we take a moment to process that without crying? She is so cute and the sweetest. She gave up A MASSIVE POSITION SUCH AS A DIAMOND to come live with humans. (By the way, this spoiler killed me)

Ice bear

I love Ice bear. Ice bear is too epic. He is a legend

That’s all !

Comment your favorite characters too!


4 thoughts on “Characters that took my heart away…”

  1. honestly, sometimes i wonder if luna would have led the entire series SO MUCH BETTER than the original trio. I USUALLY ARRIVE UPON THE CONCLUSION THAT SHE WOULD HAVE. she’s so quirky and THE SMOLLEST BITS OF RELATABLE and also THE BEST EVER. LUNA DESERVES THE WORLD ALRIGHT. and also getting her own books but SHHH


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