My entry for Selina’s dare-to-design contest!

Hello everyone!

As you know my the title I’m taking part in Selina’s dare-to-design contest!


  1. Choose a prompt
  2. Create a design based on the prompt you have chosen (One submission per person please! )
  3. Add a short summary about your design
  4. Email me your design OR post it on your blog (MAKE SURE TO PINGBACK TO THIS POST SO I CAN FIND IT)
  5. Have fun! 

Your design can consist of…

  • Digital art
  • Collage/Mood board
  • Traditional art
  • Photography
  • Book cover
  • Poster

 ✨the prompts✨

  1. Palm tree
  2. Evening sky
  3. Sandy beach
  4. Animal
  5. Food/Drinks
  6. Outer Space- Okay I choose this
  7. Your Comfort Spot
  8. Snowcapped mountains
  9. Legends
  10. Dreams

My entry-

Sorry, that’s a little blurry. I used digital art to create my piece which is based on SPACE. I think that space, sky and stars are calm beings existing. I have shown a woman meditation to the peaceful aura of being surrounded by stars.

That’s all!