Has a book changed your life?

Hello everyone!

(Before I continue with this post I would want my readers to know that this post has a HUGE SPOILER from the trials of apollo so read at your own risk.)

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the winter. This prompt Has a book changed your life? appeared on my Gmail because of bloganuary and I just had to write it.

So, Before I write it down, just know that it didn’t exactly change my life but made me rethink many things.

Book- Trials of Apollo, The burning maze.

Author- Uncle rick or Rick Riordan

So as I was reading this book I came across Jason’s (SPOILER ALERT) death, and it hit me so hard that I remember spending all night reading the chapter again and again wondering if there was any fault in his death and if he would come back. I even couldn’t focus on school the other day and didn’t talk to my friends either. Now that may sound a bit over of me but the truth is that Jason was such a lovable and kind character and he had become very close to me.

That’s when it hit me. Jason didn’t even exist, neither did his girlfriend (I meant Piper, Not brick) nor his friends nor his family. He wasn’t even a part of reality. then how could he mean so much to me. That’s how it occurred to me how much a book meant to me. I had been living every moment of it happening and had been a part of every experience. A book means so much to me and I can’t live without it. Every character in it is a part of my life (Except Octavian though, to Tartarus with him ~no one cares about you, and I’ve never loved Nico more for letting you kill yourself without knowing)

Every book has a significant part in our life. You fall in love with people who don’t even exist and you end up caring for them. Even now while writing this post I remember Caligula and the smile of satisfaction on his when he drove the spear through Jason’s Shoulder. I wanted to strangle Caligula at that moment but well, He’s not real either.

Well, Can’t say I didn’t expect that.

Anyway do let me know how you feel about this,



5 thoughts on “Has a book changed your life?”

  1. Ahahaa i loved this post 😭😭. Reminds me of my love for books. I remember feeling this level shocked and sadness at the death of Sirius Black 😭. It felt so real and the pain was soo much oof-
    Uncle rick is another amazing author. I haven’t read the trials of Apollo but ik about the death of jason. I love magnus chase 🥺. And Percy Jackson obv!! And and and house of Hades was all feels man 😭🙌


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