Midnights and my top 3 favourites

I posted this 5 days late. I am disappointed in myself



Midnights is just so *chefs kiss*. Each and every song is a masterpiece. She made even dark and deep songs into catchy tunes. She truly is a mastermind

Midnights is the tenth studio album by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, set for release on October 21, 2022, via Republic Records. It marks her first body of new work since her ninth studio album, Evermore (2020). Swift announced the album at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards on August 28, 2022

So my first favourite song-

  1. Anti Hero

Cmon. This HAD TO COME. This song deals with how people hate themselves. They look at themselves in a negative way. The way Taylor portrayed that in her lyrics and music video is just…WOW

2. Lavender Haze

WHY IS THIS SONG SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. This song is just another level of amazing. The tune and voice mix and the lyrics and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

3. Snow on the beach

TAYLOR AND LANA TOGETHER. IT IS HEAVENLY. plus the songs start giving me a Christmas vibe. But still, the song is beautiful and calming







Me X Apollo

Both our names

Mean bright, shining and glowing

Positive rays sent

We sing well and good

Our instruments skills are *chefs kiss*

We respect all art

We love ourselves

but we care about people

Maybe a bit much

I too would slay a

group of people if some

one was a Niobe

Often Punished

For sweet tantrums and mischief

and behaviour too

Bad Haikus just run

in my blood, you can see that I

Guess I tried once


Characters that took my heart away…

Hello everyone!

I have another book-related post today which (you may have guessed by the title) revolves around certain characters I adore.

Luna Lovegood

This girl. She has made me love her. She has had such hardships. She was constantly bullied for being …well, herself. But she stood strong, she is the most sweetest and calmest person ever. I love her

Leo (Mcshizzle) Valdez

How can we not about this extremely dashing and good-natured character? The most down-to-earth and lovely personality. I mean he may be a (7th?) wheel on the Argo 2 BUT HE GOT A GODDESS. CALYPSO IS THE LUCKIEST PERSON ON EARTH. I just adore him

Annabeth Chase

I WOULD DIE FOR THOSE GREY EYES. She is the most determined and strong young woman I know. I worship herrrrrrr. What more can I say about her. I think we all know her well

Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond

A lot of people take her as the bad guy or as selfish. I take her as a mother. She gave up her form so her son could live. Can we take a moment to process that without crying? She is so cute and the sweetest. She gave up A MASSIVE POSITION SUCH AS A DIAMOND to come live with humans. (By the way, this spoiler killed me)

Ice bear

I love Ice bear. Ice bear is too epic. He is a legend

That’s all !

Comment your favorite characters too!


I went to Ranthambhore with my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone

Sorry for the little break I took. I was on a 3-day trip to a very famous animal reserve in Rajasthan called Ranthambhore with my friends. (school trip, no parents)

It was absolutely fantastic. I went to a fort that was magnificent. I went to a Mandir (Temple) and got blessings from the Pundit (priest). and finally, I WENT TO AN ANIMAL SAFARI. So the animal reserve safari is a safari through a forest and this reserve is famous for tigers (but they are seriously rare to spot so…). So I saw around a million peacocks, a crocodile, a pair of owls, some 10 deers and A TIGER. YES, I SPOTTED A FEMALE TIGRESS NAMED ARROWHEAD. IT WAS SUCH A BIG MOMENT BECAUSE THEY ARE VERY RARE PLUS I WAS IN THE ONLY JEEP WHICH SPOTTED ONE.

We had a DJ where my friends and I GOT CRAZY. proper pagal (crazy). me and 5 other girls stayed together in a suite in a resort and even went to the pool. every time where we were free we would play Uno/bluff/sing.

The trip from the bus was of 11 hours and all the time songs were playing. We played Punjabi songs, Bhojpuri songs and English songs and danced. Whoever passed by our bus was clearly jealous.

So well that’s a messy but short detail of my weekend.

Oh and here’s a photo of me with my friends. Guess which is me…

so that’s all



The Book Character Awards! (a bookalicious initiative)

Check this out!

Anthology of Akshita's Thoughts

I have been planning this for sooo longgg and it’s finally time to execeute!

So, I find it unfair that we do not have overhyped award ceremonies for book character like we do for actors who play character. I mean fictional people are only ever the best. So, I came up with this idea to host a character awards on my blog. Lets get on with the rules:

1.Nominations for every category can be given by book bloggers only while the voting can be done by everyone. All book bloggers are required to submit their nominations for the different categories in this post’s comment sections and the characters with most mentions will be short-listed. These short-listed names will be posted later after which all bloggers can vote. The character with most votes wins.

2.Nominations will be open starting today till 28th September and voting commences from 29th September and will…

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Pick one, drop one- Song edition!// My playlist of Guitar// Spotify based post

Hello everyone!

How are your wonderful people doing today?

So as you may know my exams are going on so the only thing which relaxes me is songs.

So I had the idea to post a pick one-drop one challenge for songs! I had my friends give me a list of songs to choose from!

Easy on me by Adele or Oh my god By Adele

Ouch, that’s hard but I think I’ll go with Easy on me

34 + 35 by Ariana Grande or Positions by Ariana Grande

Umm, 34 + 35

Thank you next by Ariana Grande or 7 rings by Ariana grande

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH WHY DID YOU ASK ME THISSSS. UGH, THAT’S SO HARD. Okay you know what I’ll go with Thank you next

You cant stop the girl by Bebe Rexha or Baby Im jealous by Bebe Rexha

C’mon that’s easy, You cant stop the girl

Dolls By Bella Poarch or Living hell by Bella Poarch

No. Just no that’s to harddddddddd. Okay fine I’ll go with Living hell

Bad Guy by Billie Eilish or Happier than ever


(Okay fine bad guy)

Leave the door open by Silk Sonic or That’s what I like by Bruno Mars

Leave the door open. THE SONG IS JUST AMAZING

Bam Bam by Camila or Don’t go yet by Camila

BAM BAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. The Camila and Ed duo is just amazing.

Kiss me more by Doja Cat or Woman


Dress By Taylor or Delicate by Taylor swift


Lover by Taylor Swift or The Man by Taylor swift


Evermore or Willow by Taylor swift


Say so or Streets (Doja Cat)


Maybe streets

its just a really hard decision

Sunflower or I like you (A happier song) (Post Malone)


See you again by Charlie Puth or driver’s license by Olivia Rodrigo

SEE. YOU. AGAIN *cries in the background*

That’s all

I still have A MILLION songs to cover

so expect a part 2!


Moi Spotify profile for anyone who is curious about my interest in songs

Moi playlist-

I thought to share my Guitar mix with you guys!


See you!


I’m alive! // life update // Books I’m reading // here’s how I’m feeling



I’ve missed you guys so so so much! I really apologise for not posting for so long. Just school and life took over my blogging

but I won’t let that happen again

So here’s your first happy news- I’m alive! Don’t worry I’m not in Elysium chatting with Bianca De Angelo. I’m in the mortal world

My first term exams have started. I just finished IT and Gk (which went really good honestly). Next Is Math, English, Ssc and Hindi (Ouch)

I’m studying a lottttttttttt and the stress can be a little hard to handle but when I have my books and songs by my side then I have no reason to worry.

Im currently reading Trials of Apollo, The Burning maze

And yes. That scene has come. Where HE dies. And it’s not the Physicians cure or bringing him back from the underworld or fake death. It’s actual Death. Is there anything more to say? I CAN NOT BELIEVE RICK RIORDAN HAD THE NERVE TO KILL ONE OF THE PROPHESIZED 7.

I had a severe breakdown in the night (which no one else could relate to) but I’m better now.

Im feeling hungry, ready to study and in the mood to read something

That’s all

See you!


For my Official Dumb Ravenclaw


Hello everyone!

This is a special post written to a special friend


You make every single day a gift to me and help me be a better person

I want to point out today that I often call her Didi (Which is elder sister in Hindi) because of how mature and kind she is

You have always been on my side

Even when I was crying over the death of a few characters in P.Jo you were with me

When I was stuck in between choices, You helped me

No matter what you were there, Like a true friend

You may be Socially awkward, but a very talkative person to people you know and love.

We kept a small party for her in the class where my friend SH baked her a cake, Me and my friends Ansh and Pahal organised a small gift, card and cake cutting ceremony and Snigdhas reaction to this was priceless

I hope we stay like this forever and enjoy this memory

Happy birthday once again dear!

*Virtually hugs* And that’s 23 hugs 🤗😘


Song Collages Ft Maggie @Maggie’s doodles

Hello, my dear friends!

Today I am having a collab with Maggie!



My beloved Snigdha turns 13 today. We had a cake cutting and party in the class today in honour of this wonderful milestone! Wishing you all the best in the future!

Now to the collab!

Me and Maggie decided a week ago to post 3 collages on our most favourite songs!

You can check out her collages on her blog- https://maggiesdoodles.com/


Say so by Doja cat

You guys have already seen this on my previous post but this song is just amazing!

Why don’t you say so?



I absolutely adore this song


Brutal by Olivia Rodrigo

That’s all!

Do check out Maggie’s post too!

I’m off!



The Music Lover’s Tag By Maggie


♫ Thank the person who tagged you
♫ Include the rules and badge in your post
♫ Link back to the original post (here)
♫ Share your 5 current favourite songs + why you love them!
♫ Make a photo collage for a favourite song of yours
♫ Answer the questions + (optional) the bonus musician questions (if you don’t play an instrument, just pass on the bonus questions)
♫ Include a clean copy of the questions + musician questions
♫ Tag at least 5 of your music-loving friends!

Hello everyone!

I’m doing this new tag today which is based on something I’m sure we all love-

MUSIC! *Cue angelic music in the background*

First I thank Maggie for tagging me (OKay sorry I thank her for keeping it an open entry)

I’ve included the rules and badge

I’ve linked back to the original post in the rules

My 5 current favourite songs are-

Streets- Doja Cat

Dolls- Bella Poarch

Posoori- Shae Gill, Ali Sethi

Getaway car- Taylor Swift

Woman- Doja cat

Now for the collage-

say so collage by yours truly

Answering questions!

Who are your favorite singers?

Ummm…. Taylor Swift, Doja cat and Dua Lipa

Who are your favorite bands?

I don’t listen to much that much of bands, But If I had to choose then One direction and OneRepublic

Which part of a song is usually your favorite? (Intro, verse, chorus, pre-chorus, bridge, outro)


Who’s an artist you thought you wouldn’t like, but now you do?

Doja cat. I’m, not a fan of rap and she’s a rapper. Her voice first caught me as weird but soon I got addicted to her songs and can’t live without hearing one song a day of hers

Who would you choose if you could only listen to one singer’s music for the rest of your life?


Which music genre do you listen to the most?

Honestly, I hear everything.

Which music genre do you listen to the least?

I’ve heard country music less compared to others

Do you like movie soundtracks?


Do you have a favorite composer?

Yes, Hans Zimmer

What’s a song you love that’s in a different language than your native language?

I’ve heard a Telegu song called Samajavaragamana. IT IS AMAZING

What are some of your favourite seasonal songs?


Musician Questions List:

What instrument/s do you play?


What got you into playing music?

My dad, He plays too so one day I asked him to teach me 🙂

What do you love about playing an instrument?

It helps me be calm and enjoy the world

What’s a song you’re currently learning?

Im on my way on remembering Brooklyn Bay by Lana Del Ray

What’s a song you want to play someday, but it might be too hard?

THERE ARE A LOT LIKE THAT. But one of them is Escapism by Steven Universe

What are some of the struggles of playing your instrument?

I don’t know, Maybe the fact that sometimes the song doesn’t come out the way you want 😦

The Questions List:

  • Who are your favorite singers?
  • Who are your favorite bands?
  • Which part of a song is usually your favorite? (Intro, verse, chorus, pre-chorus, bridge, outro)
  • Who’s an artist you thought you wouldn’t like, but now you do?
  • If you could only listen to one singer’s music for the rest of your life, who would you choose and why?
  • Which music genre do you listen to the most?
  • Which music genre do you listen to the least?
  • Do you like movie soundtracks?
  • Do you have a favorite composer?
  • What’s a song you love that’s in a different language than your native language?
  • What are some of your favorite seasonal songs?

Musician Questions List:

  • What instrument/s do you play?
  • What got you into playing music?
  • What do you love about playing an instrument?
  • What’s a song you’re currently learning?
  • What’s a song you want to play someday, but it might be too hard?
  • What are some of the struggles of playing your instrument?


Anyone who would like to join!

That’s all,