Interview with a fictional character

Interview with a fictional character (part 8)

Being the Little Women fan I am, I’ll do an interview today! It’s with Theodore Laurence (you may know him better as Laurie)!

Theodore Laurence in Little Women (2019)

Thrilled to have you with us, Theodore!
TL: Merci, Ms. Tiwari.
Me: [blushes because he said tHANK YOU TO ME IN FRENCH]

Q: Uh- a- a little about yourself, Theodore.
A: I’m Theodore Laurence, better known as Laurie. My wife’s named Amy and a daughter called Elizabeth. My best friend is Jo, who is Amy’s sister. I’m very close to the March family. I live in a house called Parnassus.

Q: How would you describe yourself?
A: I’m generous (I think) and I’m a very jolly sort of person.

Q: How did you feel when you pranked Meg?
A: [blushes slightly] I thought it was a very good idea at first, but when Mrs. March scolded me, I was truly ashamed of myself. I will continue to be embarrassed by the memory forever.

Q: Moving on to good memories. Which incident with Jo was most fun with you in your childhood?
A: All my time with Jo was extremely fun, but the time she cooked was truly hilarious, because the food was horrible, and she was hoping that it would be good. I had kept going on and I was laughing internally all the while! I think Jo must have seen that laughter in my eyes, because she burst out laughing, and we all laughed till tears ran down on our cheeks.
(Note: Chapter 13 of Little Women, ‘Experiments’ for those who don’t remember!)

Q: What’s your favourite quote?
A: “Not in doing what you like, but in liking what you do is the secret of happiness.” -J.M. Barrie.
(Note: I know the timeline doesn’t fit, but this quote seemed very Laurie-like.)

Love having you here, Mr. Laurence!

Signing off,

Interview with a fictional character

Interviewing a fictional character. Miraculous edition// Interview a fictional character Disney edition

OK, SOME of you might know miraculous but It is one of my most favourite shows!

So I’m thinking to interview a black cat who is super popular at school and good friends with Marinette…

Yup! Cat Noir//Adrein

K- Hi Adrien!

A- *Struggling to keep his miraculous charm in his pocket* Oh hi, sorry was just… umm… itching… Anyway so great to be here.

K- Great to have you here! So let’s start with an intro.

A- OK so my name is Adrien, I’m a French school boy whose Father is a grand business man, Along with a regular teen I’m also a model and a huge fan of Cat Noir.

K- (Hmm fan yeah right) So what is the one thing people may not know about you?

A- I really like Ladybug! I simple how graceful and creative she is!

K- Don’t we all!

*Suddenly a loud blast comes from outside and a scream fills the room*


K- *confused* Ok bye!

Now time for a Disney princess we all love- SNOW WHITE!

K- Hi!

S-*Humming and singing* Hello…

K- Lets start with an intro.

S- I am Snow White, lover of animals. I have been envied by by stepmother and even been tried to be killed, but true loves kiss saved me and here I am in front of you.

K- Yes, so what is your fav hobbies?

S- Aah I have many! Cleaning, singing, dancing, making new friends, talking and playing with animals etc.

K- So how are the dwarves?

S- Oh my sweeties~

  • Dopey
  • Grumpy
  • Doc
  • Bashful
  • Sleepy
  • Sneezy
  • Happy

All are enjoying with me in my castle!

K- What is the one thing you fear the most?

S- APPLES *shudders*

K- What is one thing you cannot live without?

S- My voice! *Singing and humming*

K- Well that’s all!

S- Goodbye!



Interview with a fictional character

Interviewing a fictional character….A March sister!

Today morning I thought…Time to regain my title from Snigdha

I’m interviewing a March sister very close to my heart, we share the same interests, fashion sense and even hairstyle!


K- It is wonderful to have you hear Miss March,

J-It is wonderful to be here Kaashvi!

K- So first tell us a bit about yourself.

J- I am a huge bookworm who cannot survive about books *Touches a book kept next to her* Books can be a a portal to another world and I simply use them to get away from my moody, fashionable, artiste, rarely quiet sisters.

K- Speaking of books, word has it you write as well…

J- Ah yes indeed, I want to be a famous writer when I grow up.

K- So how would you describe yourself in 3 words?

J- Creative, trouble maker, tomboy.

K- Tomboy is it?

J- Yes, I actually wished I was a boy as I was extremely daring and reckless and preferred men’s clothing instead of skirts.

K- What is your fav book?

J-  The Heir of Radcliffe is one of the books I love.

K- Out of all of your sisters who are you closest to?

J- Beth, I feel the closest to her.

K- Thanks for joining us!

J- Glad I could be here!

Interview with a fictional character

Interview with a fictional character (part 5)

I’m interviewing Grover Underwood this time! He’s an extremely brave satyr (also happens to be the best friend of Percy Jackson). I’m glad to interview him (it’s also very relaxing after Lord Voldemort). I’m taking the interview after the events of Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian. So beware of spoilers!

We’re glad to have you here, Mr. Underwood!
GU: *starts chewing a bit of the expensive sofa set I’d just bought* Call me Grover, please.
Me: *is obviously flustered and startled*

Q: A-a small introduction of yourself, please, Grover.
A: My name is Grover Underwood. I’m a Member of the Council of the Cloven Elders. I have a girlfriend named Juniper. My best friends are Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase.

Q: What was the most terrifying moment of your life?
A: Nearly getting dragged into Tartarus, maybe? I don’t know, I have a lot to choose from.

Q: How would you describe yourself?
A: I’m a lover of nature, enchiladas and coffee. I’m terrified of Cyclopes. I hate bunnies, the bullying things steal celery from defenseless satyrs.

Q: What are your thoughts on Percy Jackson?
A: He’s pretty awesome, though stupidly reckless and has gotten himself or me or Annabeth nearly killed much more than I like.

Q: How did you feel when you went around the US, trying to persuade nature spirits to protect their bit of nature?
A: It was very difficult, obviously, and I missed my friends a lot. But I knew I was doing something good, which kept me going on.

It was lovely knowing more about yourself, Mr. Un- Grover!

See y’all!


Interview with a fictional character

Interview with a fictional character (part 4)


I’m here with another interview with a fictional character! It’s…. Tom Riddle a.k.a. Lord Voldemort! SH(notSherlockHolmes), a great friend and blogger, gave me this superb idea. Thanks!

Let’s, uh, let’s begin before he decides to go on a killing spree. (Also: He is not aware I am a Muggle-born because I have told him I’m a Muggle-hating pureblood, so please, for your own sake, do not tell him my real blood status.) This interview is placed during the First Wizarding War.

We are, um, delighted to have you with us.
TR: Gosh, can we be done with this already?

Q: A small introduction, please, Mr. Riddle.
A: *snappishly* I’m Lord Voldemort, not Tom Riddle. Don’t call me by my filthy Muggle father’s name. I’m the commander of the Death Eaters. Darkest wizard of all time. Heir of the great Salazar Slytherin.

Q: How would you describe yourself?
A: Dark. Sinister. Sadistic. Not to mention, super cool. 

Q: What’s your greatest wish?
A: To be immortal and rule over the entire world.

Q: What are your talents?
A: I was a brilliant student during my time at Hogwarts and was a great favourite of all teachers, except that Albus Dumbledore. I specialize in Dark magic. I’m also exceptional in duelling. I’m an Occlumens and the best Legilimens. I can fly without a broomstick.

Q: What’re the qualities you look for in a person you’ve just met?
A: They should be loyal to the death. Should be interested in the Dark Arts. Should not be a sissy. Should be atleast half-blood. 

Q: Who’s your favourite Death Eater?
A: Bellatrix and Severus, without a doubt. Oh, and Bartemius Crouch Jr. was quite great too.

We, erm, loved having you with us!

TR: *goes out of the room dramatically, with loads of flourishes of his wand and robes*
Me: *is visibly traumatised*

S-see you! B-bye!

Snigdha (definitely a Muggle-hating pureblood)

Interview with a fictional character

Interview with fictional character (part 3)


So, today, I stole an idea from Kaashvi (I asked for her permission, don’t worry) and I’ll be doing an interview with a fictional character. It’s *drum roll* EDMUND PEVENSIE! (Ok, so, ⚠️SPOILER ALERT⚠️⚠️SPOILER ALERT⚠️⚠️SPOILER ALERT⚠️⚠️SPOILER ALERT⚠️⚠️SPOILER ALERT⚠️⚠️SPOILER ALERT⚠️ I know he’s dead, but I’m interviewing him after the events in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Oh, and and I’ll be mixing both the Book!Edmund and Movie!Edmund).

Edmund Pevensie - Wikipedia
Edmund Pevensie in Prince Caspian

Hey Edmund! Pleased to have you with us!

Q: First, please give a small introduction of yourself.

A: Hi, my name’s Edmund Pevensie. I was King at Cair Paravel, but on Earth, I’m just another school boy. (I’m also known as King Edmund the Just in Narnia.)

Q: How would you describe yourself?

A: Loyal (not in beginning, though), brave, sort of arrogant, sarcastic, aggressive and a tiny bit greedy.

Q: What are your talents?

A: I’m good at archery and sword fighting at Narnia and on Earth, pretty experienced in fighting people.

Q: What’s your biggest regret?

A: Well, I have two, actually. The first one is selling out my siblings to the White Witch. The second is not making Peter and Susan believe Lucy when we both went to Narnia for the first time.

Q: What’re the qualities you look for in a person you’ve just meet?

A: Loyalty (of course), honesty and if they’re mischievous. (I like mischievous people, seeing I’m one myself).

Thanks for being here, Edmund! We loved having you with us.

That’s all everyone!

Interview with a fictional character

Interview with a fictional character PART 2

Hi everyone!

Today I am interviewing another fictional character….A classic who is loved by all! Her name is ANNE!! (From Anne the Green Gables!)

Intro- I feel so happy to have you here! A classical figure who is renowned by all!

Q- Let’s start with your full name..

A- Hi! It’s great I got to be here today! My full name is Anne Shirley.

Q- My first question is… How would your parents feel about you today?

A- I started out different… Not someone my parents would be that proud of… I was rebellious and not lady like… at all, But I got better, I focused on studying and my education… I am sure they will be proud of me!

Q- I am sure they are! How did you personally feel when you gave your new friend red wine instead of tea?

A- I was embarrassed, really embarrassed but the truth is people learn from their mistakes and I did too.

Q- What is the best thing that happened to in your life?

A- The best thing was actually a mistake for me. The day I was mistakenly given to my parents instead of the boy. It was the best mistake ever… I had the chance to be with the 2 most wonderful people ever!

Q- When was the hardest day of your life?

A- When my father died. He was very close to me and he has a special place in my heart… Always.

Q- What do you think is something you didnt think of earlier?

A- Gilbert! Our rivalry made sense but if I thought about it we could have been friends earlier instead of the tough 5 years we had hating each other.

Q- Any thing you have to say for the last question?

A- I’m thinking… Don’t you ever imagine things differently from what they are? 🙂

That’s all everyone

It was a try

If you liked it tell me in the comments and if you have any requests on who to interview I would love to do it!



Interview with a fictional character

An interview with a fictional character!

Hi! I got the weirdest and yet most interesting idea today…What would it be like interviewing a FICTIONAL CHARACTER!

So my questions would be answered by its Fandom page.

So who would the lucky character be……………………….?

I’m thinking a crazy chocolate makers who’s factory is the biggest in the fandom world. The guy with a really good fashion sense and who is also a bit eccentric… I’m talking bout WILLY WONKA!

So here’s a Q AND A session with Willy Wonka From Charlie and chocolate factory *Trumpet sounds in the background*

Q- So, first tell me a bit about yourself.

A- Why hello there! My name is William James Willy Wonka… but you can call me Mr Wonka. I work as a chocolate maker and it has bought me much fame!

Q- What made you be a Chocolate maker?

A- I had a tough childhood, You see my parents were dentists and I wasn’t able to get any chocolate! Every Halloween all I got was a toothbrush and I had to wear this huge retainer for my teeth! One day, when I was about 15, I was having a heated argument with his father, when I screamed that I was moving out. My father didn’t believe me and shouted that he didn’t care. but I kept to my word and stayed with a friend. That’s when I started the factory with a small start.

Q- Tell us a bit about Oompa Loompas.

A- Oh they are fascinating creatures! Their skills in making chocolate far exceed mine. I just come up with the best ideas in the world and the best inventions! They are cooperative and don’t cost me much.

Q- How is life with Charlie now? You have given the factory now to him right?

A- Oh he is such a sweet and kind boy! My choice was the best I say. He has true potential to run my company! I’m still teaching him the ropes of a few things but soon he will be in my place!

Q- Well those other kids must be jealous right?

A- Veruca Salt was a spoilt child. She got everything she wanted and never learnt what true work is.

Mike Teavee was a child addicted to TV. He knew not the world of books and imagination!

Violet Beauregarde was a disrespectful self-absorbed gum chewer. She never knew the value of kindness or thinking about others and leaving her gum for once.

Augustus Gloop A child who didn’t stop eating… That’s all I need to say about him.

So you see all of them could never have got my factory! They need to mend their ways.

It’s right for them to be jealous.

Q- As we end this do you have any last quote or saying for us?

A- Yes! A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.

Thanks a lot everyone

Hope you liked it!