In conversation with art enthusiast- Harleen Chhibbar

Good morning everyone!

Today I have had the privilege to interview a wonderful painter and art enthusiast Harleen Chhibbar!

Art is a creative work of expressing oneself. Harleen developed her interest in art when she was 7 years old. She’s 14 and has been taking art classes for 6 years now. After a few moments of meet-and-greet, I asked her a few questions which she answered and I wanted to share them with you guys.

My first (obvious) question- Why do you like painting?

Harleen smiled- “Painting relaxes my mind and boosts my creative thinking, I am fond of it as it nurtures my imagination”

I agree with that on her. Painting has always helped our minds to calm and relax. It most definitely boosts our creative thinking!

My next question for her is- How much time can a painting take to be completed?

Harleen responded- “It all depends on the painting, actually. Most of my paintings take 1-2 months to complete but some can take up to 3-4 months even and some finish within a week!”

After a short juice break, we move onward and I asked her the 3rd question- What paint type do you prefer in your paintings and why?

Harleen answered- “I have always used either acrylics or waterolors, Each paint has its own advantage. Acrylics dry fast, have clarity and transparency, and can give watercolor and oil color effects. Watercolors are light and give a beautiful pastel impression.”

My next question was related to the previous one- Mostly what type of things do you paint?

She revealed- “I have always painted nature sceneries. I am not much into humans. I love nature and really enjoy capturing it on my canvas”.

I once again agreed with her. Nature indeed is a beautiful thing itself!

The final question was very important indeed- What would you like to say to the people who are reading your interview?

Harleen paused for a few seconds and replied- “I would thank them for taking their time to read my interview, Life Is like a blank canvas and it is our job to fill it with paint and make it colorful in our very own way, so I implore to take up a hobby and pursue it. Take out time for yourself and do what you like the most.”

And with that, we ended our interview. We enjoyed talking to each other and I most certainly loved listening to her answers!

Here are a few of her paintitngs-

I hope you enjoyed reading it too!




10 weird and wonderful wonderful facts about art

Ok, I know I don’t post about art, BUT I did find some weird facts about art. Oh, and you’ll be getting my comments in the brackets.

  1. Art used to be an Olympic event. (oK WOW-)
  2. The Mona Lisa has her own mailbox in the Louvre because of all the love letters she receives. (I’m not surprised, honestly)
  3. The colour wheel predates the United States. (WOW. IT’S ANCIENT. But that’s not saying much, I find everything before my birth ancient)
  4. Artist Willard Wigan once inhaled his own work. (hOW DO YOU INHALE YOUR WORK-) (ok I found this: An artist who creates minuscule sculptures in the eye of a needle accidentally INHALED his latest piece of work. Willard Wigan had taken weeks recreating the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland, using a tiny diamond cutter and tweezers made from his own eyelashes)
  5. In 2003 street artist Banksy stuck his own work to the wall in the Tate Modern Museum. (#fearless)
  6. When the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre in 1911, the empty space it left on the wall attracted more visitors than the painting had. (Totally defines what I’ve heard millions of times- “People will not see what is there, but what is not there.” I’m pretty sure Mona Lisa is more beautiful than the wall in which she was kept.)
  7. Before he learned to walk, Picasso could draw. The first word he spoke was the Spanish word for pencil. (*sobs in incapability and ordinariness*)
  8. Leonardo da Vinci was a vegetarian and also fought for animal rights. He bought caged birds and then set them free. (Along with being a sculptor, mathematician, painter, polymath, architect, inventor, poet, engineer, anatomist, philosopher, composer, diplomat, astronomer, geologist, physicist, cartographer, chemist and plant biologist, he was also an animal rights activist. Super cool. Living the life. ✌️)
  9. Andy Brown, an English artist, stitched together 1000 used tea bags, to create a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. (The patience it must have taken, oh gods.)
  10. In 1565, the first pencil was invented in England. (HOW DID PEOPLE DRAW?) (so I found this: The first writings were carved into wood and stone with stone and metal tools. Later we used styluses to write on wax tablets, brushes, chalk, and quills. That must have been super inconvenient.)

Book Cover I Designed

We had our Spanish holiday homework, and we had to read a story and make a book cover for it. The story was originally in English, but we had a Spanish translation for it (I’ll be publishing the story in the next blog post and maybe write a review, who knows).

Anyways, here’s my book cover:

It’s not the best thing ever, but I did exceed my expectations (nope totally not a Harry Potter pun)!

The title of the book translates to ‘The Bird and the Whale’.

Ilustraciones por mean ‘Illustrated by’.


Digital art

Digital art is a term used to describe art that is made or presented using digital technology. This can include things like designing character graphics for video games, developing animated videos for company advertising, creating 3D animation etc .

The above is a digital masterpiece by junior artist Namya Narang . She became a fan of this mode of art during lockdown and today is making wonderful pieces . Just like her , find something new . Now is the best time for a new hobby !



(special thanks to Namya Narang for sharing her pics)