Claude Monet

Claude Monet is one of the most famous French painters. He is known for his bright and calm nature based paintings. He is the founding father of the Impressionist style of painting.

What is Impressionist style of painting?

Claude Monet was one of the painters who started the Impression movement. Impressionism is  using flecks and dabs of paint to give the viewer a glimpse of how a scene looked at a moment. Impressionism is often only used to paint drawings based on the theme of nature.

What are some of Claude Monet’s famous paintings?

Most Famous Paintings by Claude Monet include –

  • Impression, Sunrise
  • Woman with a Parasol
  • Houses of Parliament Series
  • The Magpie
  • Poppies
  • San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk
  • Haystacks Series
  • Regatta at Sainte-Adresse
  • Water Lilies (Nymphéas)
  • Rouen Cathedral SeAge 12

By Kaashvi Datta

Age 12