The most frustrating things about being a passionate bookworm

Well, the title says it all. Read on! (Also: the following are just my personal experiences!)

  1. Having to wait for the book(s) to come from Amazon and inwardly cursing the delivery people.
  2. No reading new books while exams are going on. Arghhhhhhh!
  3. Not being able to read the book PDFs. I cannot. At all. I’ve read only one book through a PDF.
  4. Reading books as fast as a cheetah and having to wait for the next month to buy new books.
  5. So I’m reading this book I’ve wanted for eons, but it doesn’t live up to my expectations, and get bored of it very quickly.
  6. SPOILERS! (Need I say more?)
  7. Not being able to rant about books to anyone.
  8. Not being able to write a review or a book you love.
  9. Banging into numerous things while reading and hurting your toe about a thousand time per week.
  10. Seeing your favourite books being adapted into horrible movies.
  11. Not being able to read non-stop.
  12. Someone’s talking to you while you’re on a particularly exciting part of your book.

Is there anything else that happens to you? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!