Bye June!

June has always been the best month of the whole year for me because it’s the holidays and it’s my birthday! Let’s look at the important highlights of this month

Posts uploaded-

1- In conversation with art enthusiast Harleen Chhibbar

2- (reblogged) Summer blog contests

3-Creative artworks which blew my mind

4- 21st June, world music day

5-How was my birthday?

6- Happy birthday to me

7- Wayanad/Birthday/Book status

Oooooh, 7 posts. That’s not that bad honestly. I think I did great


Including the people who followed me in June I have 87 followers (Email followers included)


Now that is quite an achievement

Highlights of the month-

1-My birthday

2- The trip to Wayanad

3- My interview with Harleen

Movies or shows I watched-

1- Oceans 8

2- Alita- Battle angel

3- Ms Marvel (in progress)

4- Princess diaries 2 (In progress)

5- Itefaq (A Hindi movie, Itefaq being the Hindi word for coincidence)

6- Jurrasic world 3

Songs on repeat-

1- Woman by Doja cat

2- Walls could talk by Halsey

3- Bad Guy- Billie Eilish

4- Say so- Doja cat

5- Rangi Saari- Kavita Sethi (An amazing hindi song)

So, that’s how my June went. It was filled with songs and laughter, celebration and fun. Its been a great month overall!

Thats all