I’m alive! // life update // Books I’m reading // here’s how I’m feeling



I’ve missed you guys so so so much! I really apologise for not posting for so long. Just school and life took over my blogging

but I won’t let that happen again

So here’s your first happy news- I’m alive! Don’t worry I’m not in Elysium chatting with Bianca De Angelo. I’m in the mortal world

My first term exams have started. I just finished IT and Gk (which went really good honestly). Next Is Math, English, Ssc and Hindi (Ouch)

I’m studying a lottttttttttt and the stress can be a little hard to handle but when I have my books and songs by my side then I have no reason to worry.

Im currently reading Trials of Apollo, The Burning maze

And yes. That scene has come. Where HE dies. And it’s not the Physicians cure or bringing him back from the underworld or fake death. It’s actual Death. Is there anything more to say? I CAN NOT BELIEVE RICK RIORDAN HAD THE NERVE TO KILL ONE OF THE PROPHESIZED 7.

I had a severe breakdown in the night (which no one else could relate to) but I’m better now.

Im feeling hungry, ready to study and in the mood to read something

That’s all

See you!


10 thoughts on “I’m alive! // life update // Books I’m reading // here’s how I’m feeling”

  1. That’s why Nehal hasn’t read the trials of Apollo. Nehal can’t take the pain 😂.

    Excuse the weird way Nehal is using to comment. There are lots of reasons behind it. And she’s not doing it because she wants to. 🙃

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ummmm I like Percy, Frank, and Hazel. I am guessing it’s frank who dies but don’t tell me. I am gonna read that series next. I also like Leo but he is not one of the seven is he?


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